Seasonal generosity — 12 Comments

  1. Hell man, you’re too generous by half. You’ll be giving the rest of us a bad name. 
    Control yourself eh?  

  2. ‘Heater in your shed’ wait till the save [or is it slave] the planet police get to hear about this another €500 a year carbon tax due.

  3. Bernard – I happen to be rather fond of the old Biddy.  It’s the least she deserves,

    Peacock – You might have a point there.  I had better take it out…..

  4. Grandad – you’re all heart!
    I bet she’ll get you something equally thoughtful…….at least I hope so.
    We have a way of getting our own back.   

  5. Meltemian – “you’re all heart!”   Do you think so?  Do you think she might be embarrassed with my generosity?  I don’t want to overdo it.

    TT – Does she not miss it for the spin-cycle?

  6. Jayze is it nearly christmas already? I like christmas. It is a time for family. Or at least it reminds me to ring them annually. And I’ve usually cooled down by the time it swings around again. Sure what harm.

  7. Slab – “Whats wrong with nude gardening GD?”  Hah! She’d only scare the local wildlife.  Definitely out of the question.  I might ask Spanner if he can knock up one of those yokes for next year though..

    Con – It only seems like last month since the last one.  Maybe it would have helped if I had bothered to take down the decorations?

  8. “would have helped if I had bothered to take down the decorations”    That’s woman’s work.

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