A sharp intake of breath — 15 Comments

  1. Ey oop Grandad ..

    D’you have owt which identifies, tracks down & liquidates (preferrably in the most painful manner imaginable) the wives, sons, daughters etc of various Nigerian government ministers, generals etc .. who want to use my bank account to transfer their ill-gotten gains ?

    If so, can I order two, please ? … The second being as a spare …  😉

  2. Cap’n ‘addock,

    Avast there! (Whatever that means!)

    I have started posting the scan mails I receive in a section of my blog and get a regular trickle of visitors to those posts – there are people who actually believe some of the stuff they receive.  I once received a very sad email from a man who really thought he had won a Spanish lottery. 

  3. Haddock – I do indeed.  I still have a few ICBMs from a Soviet sale on eBay that I haven’t used yet.  I wouldn’t recommend it though as you will just be creating a couple of million more Ugandan widows and widowers disparate to get their cast out of [what’s left of] the country.

    Blackwatertown – I was indeed an interesting turn of phrase.  I must use it on someone sometime and see what kind of reaction I get…..

    Ian – Presumably it means you are accusing Haddock of having an enormous there?

  4. Hi Ian ..

    “Avast” .. a naval command to cease an action, or procedure immediately …

    Grandad .. I’m not so worried about the Ugandans (they haven’t climbed aboard the scam train  .. yet)

    But those Nigerian buggers are getting right on my threepennies ..

    I’d like two ICBM’s and a bag of RPG’s please .. 😉

  5. Don’t tell me they’ve started spamming now as well ?

    Hell’s teeth, is there no escape ? .. 😉

  6. Nigerian sheep?

    What have they to do with spam. They wouldn’t eat spam on a bet. Hell, my auld ma wouldn’t eat spam for love or money…

    Oh, and here.

  7. The inhalation one must ve been sent by a French person who believed too much in the Google Translation God…they have the same word for inspiration and inhalation.

  8. Welcome Droogie!  I had a feeling it might be something like that.  God help ’em if they are trying to translate all their spams!

  9. I just wonder how this spammer very nice person can be inspirated by you if they don’t speak your language. They probably liked the blog layout.  haha

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