Preparing for Global Warming — 14 Comments

  1. You have credit these parasites with some sense they always talk about Global Warning or the Topic De Jour in a nice spot never slum it anywhere,i guess if they were really concerned they would stay at home and video conference.

     Funny you would thought that EU bullshit session they just had might have been held in  Greece, i understand that it is quite nice at this time of year  very puzzling?

  2. Welcome Dougal!  Surely if there were truly altruistic and concerned about the climate, they at least could have held their conference on an Arctic ice-flow?  Of course, according to them there probably aren’t any left…

  3. Everything has a season, every fad has a zenith and nadir, the global warming brigade can feel the icy wind of change! Anyway ice will be ‘in’ next year, mark my words… the 100th anniversary on the Titanic.

  4. International conferences on ending world poverty never take place in Latin American shanty towns – the delegates prefer the comfort of 5-star hotels. So too a conference on global warming won’t take place in igloos at the edge of the melting polar ice where the polar bears are having a hard time coping with disappearing walking space.

  5. You guys are out of your tiny minds. Climate change is real and it’s man made. Don’t believe me, ask any climatologist.

  6. tt you ignorant slut.  All these articles that Grandad has posted or linked to just goes to show what the consensus of your dear climatologists are.  Mans contribution to “Global Warming/Cooling/Change is minimal at best.  Now get with the program and get your nose out of Algores ass.  You’ll be able to see much more clearly.

  7. Brianf. “Ignorant slut”  you called me. Now that’s ignorant.  No point trying to reason with a  rude, impolite, bad mannered, foul mouthed and worse of all, stupid cunt such as yourself.

  8. Now , now children.  Keep it clean.  No name calling or we will all have to sit on the naughty step, and you don’t want that?

  9. TT – I know he did, but that is no excuse to retaliate.  Is it my imagination or are you Merkans getting a lot more aggressive these days?  Is Obama putting something in the water?

    Brianf – Apologise!

  10. I’ll have mine without ice.  Ice is for wimps and dulls the flavour.  The sooner it’s all melted the better.

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