The wages of fear — 12 Comments

  1. Ramrod – I don’t somehow think that Merkel and feminine fit in the same sentence.  I bet if anyone dared to look that she has balls of tungsten.

  2. TT – Fucking pervert!!

    As for Nigel Farage – he is an exceptionally rare best – a great speaker and not in the least impressed by any of that shower in Brussels.  I just wish I could vote for him!

  3. Jasus, sometimes I think its a mistake to let the merkins take potshots at our shitty situation from the safety of their transatlantic fence’s.
    It would be great if they actually came up with some decent suggestions to solve the crisis.
    Like, sending e-mails of complaint to the EU (fuck that), or burning down the EU office in Molesworth St. putting a contract out on Herr Merkel, or just an old fashioned Irish Revolution.
    Be inventive lads, for fucks sake.
    Here’s a nice picture of our new Leader;

  4. Thing is since Merkel & Germany are actually paying for most of Europe and our well pensioned civil (Hah) servants it does seem a bit ungenerous to try to tell her we don’t really like her. Mind you the Irish were never very strong on gratitude. Look how they malign the British for spending 800 years trying to civilize them

  5. Neelly – Why on earth should we be grateful to Germany for bailing us out?  The only reason we went bust in the first place is because the Germans insisted on us paying for their gambling debts.  They created the mess in the first place and we have to pick up the pieces.  I’ll be damned if I’ll show any gratitude for that.

    And I am eternally grateful to the English.  Without them we would have had no heroes, and therefore wouldn’t have people to name our stations and streets after.

  6. The thing is other Gentlemen you mentioned Grandad wanted to kick out the other leaders where as Fraulein Merkel(sieg heil ) will be quite happy to keeps them in work give them a pension or cushy job in the EUSSR central committee ,that is where your back bone has gone our pols and yours dont give a flying F*ck about the rest of us and as long as they can keep the majority asleep or worrying about foreign bogeymen they have it made

  7. Nigel Farage wanted to sign up for EU wide political parties in order to ensure that the EFD group didn’t lose seats in the event that EU wide parties did come about.  However UKIP membership voted it down (that’s democracy at work!).  The membership view being that UKIP is already playing the EU game by their MEPs attending the European Parliament instead of boycotting it.  In a way I agree with them, but while NF can attract worldwide audiences with his viral Youtube rants he is definitely doing more good than harm for the cause.  Cause? Now where have I heard that term before?  I think it was way back in the 70s in a London pub spoken by a young Irishman rattling a tin box!  Whatever happend to the Irish sense of injustice?

  8. It’s the new Charlemagne Empire awakening from it’s 1,000 year slumber.

    By the way, ‘Wages of Fear’ is one of my favourite films.

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