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  1. I get it, already. Your rulers are corrupt. So, now what?

    When the ORIGINAL CHRISTIANS faced corruption, they worshiped a criminal who was put to death for treason. Find a dead trouble maker and publicly praise him.

    Jesus Christ is your savior.

  2. Ramrod – Your comments are becoming weirder by the day.  I know our politicians are all corrupt.  That’s for a different post though.

    JOS – Feel free.  Bring your own booze and fags.

    TT – Smoking is forbidden in Hell [that’s why it’s called Hell].  Smoking is compulsory in Heaven.

  3. I’m drinfin de lasst of de cheep vino. ITS affekted mein head a tad wich is olroit cos I’ll woch Der Enda and haf ein laff. Heh! Seig Hell!

  4. Just watched him for the larf.  Jayzus but he’s a lot further up the Sauerkraut’s arse than I thought.

  5. Grandad:

    What have I told you about innuendos? Do you have a counter point that you would like to articulate?

    Callig the truth weird is your tactic for ignoring the truth about a religious movement that was different from any other.

  6. Ramrod – Innuendos?  There is no innuendo and there is no real point for me to counter.  I am referring to the fact that each post I write you seem to come up with some weird argument – that Europe is “feminised”  or that the poor should be sterilised.  And now in today’s, you start talking about Jesus Christ?  Where did that come from?  And one thing I am not going to do is enter into a debate about religion.

  7. Yup, he has caught the old “Economic Governance” virus. He said tonight that Ireland supports the concept. Not true bozo, the gubmint supports the concept, big difference. Other that that, same sh1t, different crapper!

  8. I noticed that!  He is winding up for the referendum already!  I wonder how many we are going to have to endure this time?

  9. Grandad:

    Your post focused on a ruling class trying to “extract the last drop of blood”. Your post compared the situation to “torture”.

    Current government abuse is similar to what was faced by the ORIGINAL CHRISTIANS. That is where my comment is coming from.

    Reflect upon what I say.

  10. Ramrod – My post focused on the difficult choice to be made – watch our “leader” or the X-factor.  I can see that there is a very tenuous link between my post and your comment though I can also see how I missed it.

  11. “…watch our “leader” or the X-factor”
    Seems there’s quite a bit of X-factor in either choice. Guess you’re all going to have to choose which type of X-factor you want to watch?
    And I vote for lithium in the water supply. Better yet, boil up a few tons of pot and dump that in instead.

  12. It will go something like this…
    “I am giving this address to the Nation with the full backing of my bosses at Goldman Sucks”
    “First let be assure all members of the Dail Senate ex Taoiseach ex TDs my banksters friends this budget will not effect you in any way, this is for the gobshites who will accept any bullshit we tell them……like things will change when FF were kicked out. We have decided to cut back on State pensions but here let me assure Mary Harney this will not effect your €130k a year pension as you deserve it for service to the Nation. We have decided to screw the rest of you gobshite for every cent we can for jobs for the environment for the banksters and in a few years we will be back for more. You are now just a slave to the EU NWO State”
    CC  to Mrs Merkel.

  13. Grandad:

    Patrick is well and doing fine. He is a regular contributor to He did not have to get neutered.

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