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  1. It must be tough being a Labour TD. On the one hand the constituency you are supposed to represent, the working class and the poor are about to get hammered, but your real constituency, the Public Sector, will continue to shelter under Croke Park. Must be tough sleeping at night.

  2. It’s called ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE! Overides anything or anyone else in the Baroso/Merkel,Sarkosy Club.

  3. It is really sad that given the amount of vitriol and hatred that was quite rightly poured on FF followed by the great hope for the future that heralded in the coalition the fact is that nothing has changed. It is still “parish pump” politics just as it always has been in Ireland.

  4. Why can’t they just be honest and say that they can promise nothing, as their hands are tied by the strings that Brussels is puling?  I thought at the very least we would get some honesty in politics, but I suppose that is just another fairy tale?

  5. Yup. Same old political system. Whenever the next general election happens I can see FG and Labore taking as big a beating as FF and the Greens took in the last one. The next government will be just as keen to lick the arsecrack of Brussels. People will never learn that the whole Irish political system and its methods need to be demolished and rebuilt. All this fuckology of the ‘nod – wink’ and the ‘you do for me – I’ll do for you’ won’t ever change things in the long run.
    I can imagine Mrs. Hitl…, pardon me, Angela Merkel looking at Kenny and Co. while quoting one of Peter Cushing’s lines from Star Wars – “Fear will keep them in line”

  6. “The poor are still being taxed out of existence while the rich get richer.”
    GD , I’m pissed off at this statement, well worn and trotted out by the bleeding hearts of this country.
    What about the poor fuckers, THE WORKERS, who pay for it all. We never get mentioned even though we are loosing our homes our jobs and our kids can’t get to college because the registration fees (TAX) are upwardly bound, while the ‘poor’ can get their brats into college gratis with every fucking benefit going that we pay for and can’t afford ourselves.

    I used to Believe in Labour too. My Great Grandfather was one of Larkins sidekicks 100 years ago, so they were part of the family I guess. He must be rolling in his grave with what (I now call them Labourgael) they have done.

    I used to believe in Santa too. Now the only presents we can look foward to are the January bills the extra taxes and the gut wrenching worry of wheather or not we will survive 2012.

  7. Slab – No need to be pissed off… By poor, I mean the vast majority of us, whether working, unemployed or retired.  Everyone is being asked to carry more and more tax, through the USC [or whatever the fuck it’s called], VAT, house charges, water charges, pay cuts, car tax…. you fucking name it.  Yet the really wealthy apparently are better off now than they were a couple of years ago.

  8. The bastards are up to the same sort of mischief over here as well.

    Our Senate just yesterday passed a bill allowing the U.S. military the right to detain and hold, without reason or trial, any U.S. citizen, anywhere in our country or outside of it.

    The bill also defines America as a ‘battleground’.

    Which I take to mean those poor OWS kids are in for a rude surprise, quickly followed, I suspect, by the rest of us.

    Set up the back room, son – I may be over there sooner rather than later.

  9. Nick [Dad] – Do not under any circumstances come over here, unless you fancy staying in a country that is morally and financially bankrupt.  I’m applying for a visa to North Korea, if you want to join me there?

    TT – Have I?  Do you mean sketching or something else?

  10. Slab,

    You hit all the salient points.  It’s the middle classes who pay for everything and entitled to nothing.  The poor get grants, social welfare while the rich on paper are below the poverty line (because they can afford accountants) on returned income, so they are also entitled to all educational grants and write off their domestic costs through their business?

    Hope Santa calls this year? 

  11. wrf alluded to the fact that we (middle, working supporting class) were brought up in an education system which told us a job was the ultimate goal, the end result of school. The system was designed to churn out worker ants to support the nest.
    His 1% I guess, represents the wealthy classes who use their money and influence to use us to make more money. We get the crumbs from the table as payment.
    The infuriating part is the money taken from us as tax used and wasted in Public expenditure, the entitlement culture of the ‘poor’ who drain us through the system and the foreign peoples who have come here intent on doing the same.
    There’ll be no Santa for the forseeable future

  12. Just watched it now Vincent in top form as usual.
    I just thought not knowing much about him I would look him up I though  bet 20 years in politics living in another world overpaid with generous pension which of course will not be effected the policies he supports. I see his wife is also sucking on the public tit. These creeps make me sick never had a proper job never have to worry about the future and then looking after the interests of ‘banksters’. How many times did he say what he done for the minimum wage but then you loose it all in tax. Jobs my ar** these jobs are 6 month course on sorting paper clips no proper jobs are been created. But as you say voting changes nothing but soon the EU will abolish voting in the UK a MEP has been appointed no voting required.

  13. slab ov course were little worker ants , its obvious to any one with open eyes .
    words ov a friend posted on fb today
    It’s nothing personal, its about money and control, taking your money, and the ruling elite keeping you under their total control.

    They achieve this by outlawing independence and free trade. Take away their fancy titles and positions, and you will see the government for what they really are, the biggest organised crime syndicate and protection racket in existence, wanting a cut (Tax) from every transaction you make, making illegal all and any attempts to leave their racket and become a self sufficient independant human being operating outside of their corrupt system. Thats my opinion anyway. #
    neil jones

  14. Dear Head
    Surely there are other adjectives you can use other than the f word . Is it be a sign of frustration caused by lack of empowerment and fear ? (rather than lack of word power) .

  15. Wouldn’t be so sure about that 15 bus. I was there that fateful day in 1981 when the 15A went left instead of right at the fork in the road after Terenure cross. 

    It became known as “The Day the 15A became the 15B”. Screaming women and school children had to endure a frightening de-tour up Templeogue Road, around Terenure College and back down Greentrees Road only to make an impossibly tight left hand turn back on to the Terenure Road West, thereby missing the stop outside the local Presentation Convent girls school. 

  16. Ah!  The good old Ford’s Corner.  Is it still called Ford’s Corner?  I once was on a bus that took a wrong route and had to turn back [and coincidentally navigate a very sharp corner].  He had to speed to make up time.  Every single one of us ended up in hospital!

  17. Never knew it as Ford’s corner but it is a car showroom! And that would be one hell of a sharp left if you were coming up from Templeogue. it used to be the tram garage apparently and the trams used to turn there on a swivel platform thing, hence the name Roundtown which people gave to Terenure.

    God, I sound almost as old as you. 

  18. As you approach the fork from the crossroads, there were two shops side by side [now the car showroom!].  Can’t remember what the left shop was but the right hand was always Fords sweets and tobacconists.  Used to have a brilliant selection of penny sweets!!  The tram depot was opposite the church in what is now Charles Nolan and Co [lust been snooping in Google Earth].  What scares me is that I remember it when it was the tram depot.  It then became IMCO Cleaners.  I see they have bricked up the public jax too!!  Incidentally, where that car sales place is now, there used to be a real live forge.  Ah!  The good old days…..

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