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  1. Poor people should be sterilized. Having a child that you cannot afford is child abuse. The world’s problems would all be easier to deal with if there were less people.

    Protecting the environment starts with population reduction. 

  2. Don’t blame me.  I can’t be held responsible if some of my readers are a tad extreme!  [not looking at anyone in particular]

  3. Stop the innuendos.

    If anyone wants to justify why poor people should be allowed to have children that they cannot afford to take care of, let them do it.

    If anyone wants to justify why the environment would be better with a larger global populaion, let them do it.

    Innuendos are used by people who are intellectually bankupt.

    My wife and I rescue ferral cats. We sterilize them for their own well being.

  4. wasn’t there a ‘study’ saying white sugar caused obesity? soooo sweetened water is the culprit! that or reading so many foolish studies you dont’ get enough exercise and thats the cause.
    i vote stop the studies and accept the fact no one gets outta this alive at  the end. 

  5. Ramrod – “If anyone wants to justify why poor people should be allowed to have children that they cannot afford to take care of, let them do it.”  It’s called freedom.  While I may not agree with people having kids they can’t afford, I also believe in the freedom of the individual, which overrides any personal thoughts or prejudices.

    Cat – Doubtless there were studies that prove that a) sugar is essential or life or b) that it was the greatest cause of preventable death.  It’s the one advantage of these studies – you can pick one to prove just about anything!

    TT – You bet who loves doing what?

  6. 4 pints is binge drinking
    6 foot tall and over 11 stone your fat
    all them rugby players are fucked

    fuck most sports people would fail, I forgot sumo wrestlers how come they manage to survive    

  7. Grandad:

    “Freedom” is your platitude.

    A right is a freedom that is recognized. You should not be favorable to parents having children that they cannot afford to take care of. There is no such right as the right to child abuse.

  8. I swear Ramrod you are out of your mind. So only rich people should be allowed to have kids. As the man said , so much for your idea of liberty. Has it escaped your attention that “poor people” have been having kids since the first time Adam slipped Eve a boner?  You wouldn’t be here if these poor people had never had kids. “Poor people should be sterilized” you say. Don’t the Red Chinese do that. Who decides the poverty level. You? No old chap you need to lighten up ‘cos you are fucked up in the head.No offence.

  9. tt:

    I decide that feral cats should be sterilized because I see their kittens suffer. I decide that poor people should be sterilized because they do not have the right to give birth to burdens to taxpayers.

    Seriously, the povery level would be decided by the ruling class. You’ve got me there. I don’t trust the decisions of the ruling class either.

  10. The Peasantry are in the majority and they would cost too much money to educate, eradacate, electrocute, or export. We must be very careful of them though.
    Remember the French had this problem once and the sh1t kicked off when a Gobshite suggested they should ‘Eat Cake’.

  11. Slab – “a Gobshite suggested they should ‘Eat Cake’.”  Is that any worse than Leo Varadkar suggesting that the unemployed can take a holiday?

  12. None of them are peasants.  Peasants were/are subsistence farmers surviving by their own efforts.  Much of Africa is populated by peasants – there is no welfare system, they stand or fall by themselves.

    There was a man on RTE Radio who was at a Dublin feeding centre with his family complaining the government did nothing for him and that he had been unemployed and living on benefit since 2002. How anyone could have been unemployed in 2004 is beyond understanding – we had to look to Eastern Europe to keep the country going. There needs to be a work ethic in the country.

    (And it was apparent when he was in opposition that Varadkar was not the sharpest knife in the drawer – what is surprising is that people are only realizing it now)

  13. lan:

    There is a percentage of people who, for various reasons, can’t or won’t work. Would you want to hire one of these people? Trade these people life-time welfare for sterilization.

    Legalize drugs. Make drugs cheap. Let the people who want to be intoxicated around-the-clock congregate in the drug colonies that they desire.

  14. RAMROD, Buddy, Pal,   Margret Sanger was a racist and believed in Eugenics too.  She was wrong then and is wrong now.  Overly simplified solutions to the question of people who become a burden to society were espoused back in the 30’s and found to be unworkable.  Let’s make bearing children by the welfare class economically dis-advantagous.  Let’s stop increasing welfare payments for having more kids.  Once one has been on welfare for X numbers of years let’s force them to find work.  Reagan started Work-fare but that was reversed by Clinton and now we are burdened by the millions who work the system to maximize their payments.  So let’s stop the economic incentives and we’ll reduce the number of spawn leeching off the government teet

  15. Brianf:

    Forcing people who don’t want to work- they cash welfare checks, get doped-up, get arrested, and breed- sounds good until you try to find someone who would want to hire them.

    I don’t believe that there will ever again be full employment for people that can and want to work because the machines do the work. Farms, factories, mines, construction, offices, etc. are all more productive because of machines. The only workplace that is less productive is bureaucracy.

  16. Ramrod – When I had my large family, I could well afford it, but things are changing so fast now that at this rate, in a couple of months, I will really be struggling to keep nose above water.  Peoples circumstances always change. 

    A child born to a poverty stricken family may well grow up to be a key member of society or a great mind in his future, x

  17. PS – Its also very difficult to put an economic quota on a family of child-bearing age.  IF you earn over 20k a year it entitles you to one child? 

    If that were true, you may have one family with a child and very comfortable with the child attending state school and nothing more.

    Another family, on the same quota, may have a child attending state school and doing horse-riding, piano lessons, tae kwon do, ballet, violin and all sorts of life enhancing things – and that family will still be BROKE despite having met the intitial economic requirement.

    How could a person possibly measure who was wealthy enough to have children – there are too many ‘quality parenting’ factors that come into it!

  18. motherdear:

    If your TV shows a pregnant mother with starving children who can’t afford medical care, she should be sterilized.

    If you are comfortable supporting the additional children of people on welfare, say so.

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