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  1. The EU giveth and the EU taketh away but not necessarily in that order.

    OY! and while were on the subject of porridge munchin, skirt wearing, financial tit sucking fuckers from over the fucking border.
    The Scots (spit) ARE fucking British, along with all the hindus, pakkies, pikeys, poles, nifuckingerians, ugandans, afghans, iraqis, Welsh, Northern Irish, whether they like it or not.
    Sorry if I’ve offended anyone by not mentioning that they are British, it seems to me that half the cuntsunk world carries a British Passport.
    Except tt, I wouldn’t piss on him, even if he was on fire.

  2. “No mention of Ireland, I note?”
    And why should that be then grandad? Years ago your kith and kin decided that you wanted to leave the fatherland British Isles and be an indipendant state of the EU (see what I did there, indipendant and EU in the same sentance), as we Brits did but we will gloss over that.
    The Irish used to be the ones to follow, now it’s Scotland. Either way we are fucked.
    yeah, I forgot the clock change and must have spent that hour looking for clocks to change.
    I don’t give a flying you know what, I just want my life back.

  3. Patrick – You lot are so fucking confusing with your collectives.  First you have the UK which includes all Norn Iron, Scotland, Wales and England [in that order?].  Then there is Britain which excludes Norn Iron.  But do you have a collective noun for just England and Wales?  Engles?  Walland?

    BigYin – Because [much as it pains me to say this] we ar inexorably linked by geography.  Much as you lot like to think you are Masters of the Universe, you do have to take us into account when fucking around with time and the like.  Can you imagine the fun and games if Norn Iron was in a different zone from the Real Ireland?  Hah!

  4. Gramps, the word Fatherland should have been struck out but it didn’t work. I have Irish blood in my veins as my mother is Irish, albeit from the British side of that great devide, County Down. But my Scotish side says that Ireland was never part of Scotland before that great global warming event that rent us apart.
    Anyway, as for the time stretching I blame the French, nothing to do with them but it’s always good to blame the French lololol./

  5. Thanks for reminding me GD, I must change the timer on the old electric blanket. The O.H.’s gone to Spain for a week and has taken her sister with her! 

  6. Paddy clearly honed his literary skills reading and writing on shithouse walls. Along with crude sketches of penises, no doubt.
    As for the time change you guys are a week ahead of us. Which must make an agreeable change for y’all.

  7. i freakin’ hate the time change horseshit, why can’t they just leave it on standard time, its foolishness and pisses me off

  8. this hour nonsense pisses most people off – I’m suicidal after one day of darker evenings. Seems the Russians have decided not to do it this year (change the hour, I mean)

  9. t(wa)t
    You are only 1 week behind, you must be joking you knuckle dragging arsewipe. 
    I have never attempted to sketch your likeness on shithouse walls.

  10. TT – You may not like to admit it, but we are always ahead of you, usually by at least five hours.  And there is fuck all you can do about it.  Heh!

  11. …and don’t forget that little silent fucker – the clock you fixed lately, the one where you mislaid its TICK and its TOCK. It’s just sitting there, hoping you’ll walk on by, biding it’s time for the day you suddenly have to know the time ‘cos the faith of all mankind depends on it and you look around, searching for a timepiece and, suddenly, there’s one.. there, in the kitchen, and the time is….
    Grand. Thank God.
    But no, it’s not, ‘cos you missed that one. It doesn’t have a TICK or a TOCK to let you know it exists. And you missed it, back then in late October.  You missed it. AND IT’S GLAD.
    Or did you?
    No. Snookertony reminded me. God bless him… I’ve got time.

  12. In the British press its been ‘talked about’ which is a load of bulls*** they have already been told by the Fourth Reich that they must have the same time as Berlin. Like all of these EU lackey politicians they will go along with it. 

  13. Actually this time change malarky has got a bit boring here now.  Since we got dragged into the EUSSR we change the clocks on the same day as the rest of Europe.
    It used to be more fun when you didn’t know when they were going to change (although it did cause a few problems with travel arrangements – all times being local??) and everyone had their own ideas about what time it was.
    What I want to know is how can I convince the (7 !!!) cats that it’s NOT dinner time yet! 

  14. Snookertony – Funny you should say that.  I passed the clock this morning and it had stopped.  The whole house was perpetually stuck at ten past two.

    Peacock – The sooner people realise that their government are now effectively powerless the better.  Then we can sit down to a nice little revolution and get it over with.  Until then…………

    Ger – It’s broad daylight here. What is it there?   Mwaaaaahahahahaha!

    Meltemian – Just feed the cats an hour earlier.  They are intelligent enough to ignore all these time changes so they should be rewarded.  And I have no idea where your flag is.  It’s your flag and I can’t be held responsible if you lose it.  Jayzus!  Some people expect me to wipe their noses for ’em.

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