A question of trust — 12 Comments

  1. Believe it or not, there’s a little part of me that would like to see the bullet head getting elected, just so that we could see him squirm and resign when the next (inevitable) plethora of lies emerges a couple of weeks into his term!”

  2. The initiation test to join Fianna Fail was started by DeValera and is very strict, they don’t take just anybody….  apparently you have to swallow an iron bar and if you shit a corkscrew you’re in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not Green – You can’t be serious!  Have you not learned by now that they are like shit stains on a pebble-dash wall.  Once they are there they refuse to leave under any pretext.

    Mossy – I sincerely hope that he is imploding.  I would hate to see the slimy little shit up in the Park inviting all his fucking FF friends in.  Certainly the evidence against him is pretty damming.

    Not Green – ….and a neck like a jockey’s bollox?

  4. mature reflection ( I was caught by the bollox)
    money just resting in my account( like father ted)
    he must have a very bad memory, if you write a cheque for 70% of the value of your company, and a month later someone else has to point it out to you.
    mind you outside of one failed company his career seems to be talking bollox and filling out grant forms.
    for a bollox that makes a living by talking he’s making a hash of it for the last three days, did he really say he collected an envlope for FF      


  5. If, as in your analogy, Ireland was the lorry of which you speak, it’s owned by a foreign company, half of the contents have gone missing, the other half is worthless, so, although the engine’s running and the keys are in the ignition why bother trying to steal the fucking thing, give it to one of them as a penance.
    Fuck off tt

  6. Ramrod – Politics is almost impossible to avoid these days.

    Sean Eile – I listened to the entire podcast and it was worth the effort!  I have never heard such a pissed off presenter too.  That programme alone is sufficient reason to chuck him out of the race.  As president, would he fail to turn up at an important function because his phone is bust?  Fucking idiot.

    The Sham – I can summerise all your points in three words – typical Fianna Failer.

    Ian – Haven’t you heard?  Flushed with their success at apparently conquering Europe, the Germans are looking to Africa now..

    Patrick – I don’t know how to break this to you, but I think TT may be having second thoughts?

  7. Grandad, 

    You might be right about German dominance.  Burundi was a Belgian colony, but as the Germans now tell the Belgians what to do . . . 

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