The Seven Steps — 15 Comments

  1. They came for the smokers, I didn’t care for I did not smoke.
    They came for the obese, I wasn’t obese so didn’t care.
    They came for the… ah fuck it everyone knows where this ends up.
    NO and FUCK OFF are the only defences we have.

  2. Seen this comeing a mile off and they wont stop there till a stand is taken … im a grown man i can decide what i want to do fuck off and leave me alone

  3. Could they turn Tonga and Fiji into some sort of leper colony for fat people, and ship us all off to the sunshine for the winter.
    After all these islands are rampent with large people as it is.
    That rugby world cup must have led to a major outbreak, with all them big fellas in the one spot.

  4. Smoking ban for the win! There is a difference though. Smoking affects others (I’m not talking about health issues here, I’m talking about fecking stench), whereas this bullshit about taxing sugar is just ridiculous. They talk a lot about children, but I understand that a sane, lean, self-conscious adult will pay more for his coke as well?

  5. Welcome, Dark.  You have hit the nail on the head – grown adults are more than capable of making their own judgements.  The gubmint can fuck themselves if they think they have the right to tell me how to live.

    The Sham – Tonga and Fiji for the winter?  Jayzus but I’d stuff myself with sugar for that.  Bring it on.

    Ramrod – Thanks.  There isn’t much imagination required if you have followed the anti-smoker trail.  They are being laughingly predictable about the whole business.  It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

    Jedrzej – I am surprised that you would condone a law that is based on peoples  preferences for smell?  I find most perfumes to be highly offensive but would you be happy if a law banning perfumes, aftershave and other scents were passed?  And what about pipe smoke?  In forty years, I have only once met someone who objected to the smell.  Most people love it and say it reminds them of their Grandads.  And yes – sooner or later you are going to be hit with one of these Nanny State laws.

  6. Just wait until they claim that secondary masturbation affects the eyesight and costs health services billions of pounds per year. The first case of wanking being banned by wankers

  7. jedrzej – there’s so much of what’s wrong in the world today in what you say in your post.
    One man’s intolerance of the habits of others, what ever happened to live and let live.
    As for smells, have you ever been in the messdeck of a man-o-war that accomodates a dozen or so curry loving piss arse matelots? the ripest time is about 0230 Sunday morning.
    At times like this I wish I could append a scratch & sniff card.

  8. I do not want to pay, through my taxes, for the medical care for the fat fucks who don’t care enough to mind their own health. We all after all have a duty of care to mind our health, apart from the fact of being completely turned off the ladys when you happen on one of the cellulite blobs.
    If it becomes acceptable, like in merca, we could be looking at a new form Miss Ireland.
    My poor departed Mum used to say ‘Everything in moderation’. I’m only eating half the fucking cake, Heh!

  9. Toper – I’m sure I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!  Heh!

    Slab – I had a bit of a problem with that myself.  Is it fair that we treat the overweight in hospitals?  The answer has to be yes, for the simple reason that they could then start excluding drinkers, drivers, sports people, DIY enthusiasts and anyone else that takes their fancy on the grounds that you are in hospital due to “a lifestyle choice”.  Thanks for the picture by the way.  It shall not feature in my fantasies.

  10. “grown adults are more than capable of making their own judgements.”
    Yeah, bad ones. People (except me and occasionaly you) are fucking stupid. It may have escaped your attention that the Gov’t is made up of grown adults. And then there’s Patrick.

  11. As for Slab’s picture you gotta wonder why he keeps it ‘to hand.’
    Although I’ve shagged a few heffers in my time. Funny how Whisky is slimming.

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