The ultimate source of power — 13 Comments

  1. You unsociable, unscrupulous, thieving bastard.
    Just off to neighbour’s garage, I know he’s got a lecky point out there.

  2. Ha!  Where do you think we get the power for the van across the street.  We tapped their boiler room line months ago.

  3. Cat – I’m not just a pretty face, you know?

    Jim C – I found their cable some time ago.  I confess I was appalled.  Who would have thought it of a neighbour?  Disgusting carry on.

    Patrick- It’s better if you conceal the connection.  It’s only right that it is visually unobtrusive.

    The CIA – Sorry!  I disconnected them to make way for mine.  I think they have driven off down to the village since.

  4. “I think they have driven off down to the village since.”
    Everyone deserves a pint now and again

  5. If you could only just tap into the neighbours bank account/savings too you’d be well set up.
    Fucking Govt. are doing it anyway.

  6. If any thieving bastard tries to tap into my windmill he’ll have his extremities cut off!!

  7. Without admitting to anything, let’s just say I have always enjoyed but never paid for all channels of cable TV. So easy to do and the beauty of it is it doesn’t cost my neighbor one cent more than he has to pay anyway. It’s simply a fairer distribution of wealth. Oh and I am fucking his wife too. Still, it saves him the job. Pure altruism on my part.

  8. Slab – I’m working on it.

    Not Green – I see you are full of eco-friendliness today?

    Slab – No chance.  The CIA wouldn’t even have the brains to tap into their own supplies.

    TT – Are you really and honestly sure you don’t live in the village here?  Your description fits a few of the local lads.

  9. Presumably you’re sleeping in their bed, breaking the smallest chair and eating all the porridge too?

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