An abuse of power — 16 Comments

  1. Build the house out of asbestos then the wires can get as hot as they like. It is also a good idea to wear rubber boots and gloves to insulate against the occasional shock. Copper pipes can also double as conductors to save on wiring. You also get help with heating the water that way.

  2. My ‘sparks’ was a know it all too, until I discovered he ran the earth cables and connected them to qualpex plastic piping!!!!! 🙂

  3. Jim C – That isn’t a bad idea!  I could connect the neutral to the cold water pipes and the live to the hot water pipes?  It makes a lot of sense.

    Not Green – If you had given that job [whatever it was] to me, then you could have saved a packet.  Isn’t the neutral neutral?  What the fuck do you need an earth cable for?

  4. was yer man pulling your wire….>

    But with the mad regulations RECI dream up in Ireland, what they consider a risk of electrocution in a bathroom
    your’d need to be a double jointed Olympic Russian gymnast 

    So go easy on the gymnastics until its all RECI approved.


  5. I read the first line as: “We had one of those ELECTION fellas around yesterday” !
    I was wondering why a potential President of Ireland was wandering around your manor muttering about electricity.

  6. RECI = Regulation of Electrical Contraptions, Ireland
    RECI = Rollicking Elves Condoning Intolerance
    RECI = Royal Engineers Crapping Indoors
    RECI = Right-handed Ewes Consoling Indigents
    RECI = Regular Europeans Consorting with Irish
    RECI = Really Excited Chinese Industrialist
    RECI = Regionally Every Carpenter is Interesting

  7. sighhh all too familiar, our sparky got a bit stressed finding pennies jammed in the box, well geez the fuses kept blowing what else were we to do?? not made of money and a few pennies saved maded the power work

  8. Brianf – I obviously caught you at an idle moment?  Heh!

    Cat – What the hell did he expect?   Paper money? 

  9. I don’t know why you went to all the bother with all that wiring crap. You should have gotten one of those ‘useful’ chaps who helped build Priory Hall to do the job for you. You could have had your interweb plugged into the bathroom taps, phone connected to the bog (for those dirty calls) TV Aerial into next door’s and maybe even had a lekky supply from them too.

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