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  1. Well as an ex-pat working away from home (Wicklow) I look forward to your daily musings.
    Put herself back in the garden shed and tell her to mind her own business.

    Keep it going please.

  2. i love the read from across the big pond and yes like mossy look forward to my daily or every other daily fix

  3. Mossy – Jayzus!  I never knew you were a Wickla Man!  What part [or are you ashamed to tell]?  And I have no intention of stopping this.  I hope to be writing at least up to next weekend.

    Cat – “every other daily fix“?  You only drop by every second day?  Let me know which days and I won’t bother writing on the in-between days.

    Ramrod – I hope you aren’t referring to YouTube videos of pets doing daft things?  There are some very fucking weird things on the Interweb.

    Sean Eile – Good thinking but you know I don’t like playing by the rules?  I pre-dated the first few posts so that by the tim e people found it there would be some rubbish for them to see.  And 5Mb was more than enough back in those days.  It must have been a large porn collection?

    Brianf – Many thanks!  😉


  4. Why register it for schooling? In China at its age you could get it a job making shoes or iThingies.

  5. “Apart from three very sharp angles, 5 is a nice round number…”
    You might think about joining it in secondry school. I can only see 2 very sharp angles.
    Not being picky, now, just saying.
    Keep on your toes, GD, it’s been a good 5 years.

  6. no no no its every day i can possibly go look but unfortunately i care for my mum who has dementia and she doesn’t have interwebby…i know i know i should put it in but for what? my heavens don’t stop the blog you make sense in my chaos 

  7. Jim C – Not a bad idea.  I’ll see if there are any vacancies down the mines.

    Snookertony – Fucking pedant!  I sometimes add a little down bit [serif?] at the top, making three.  Mkay?

    Cat – Are you sure you don’t mean I make chaos of your sense?

  8. Mossy – Jayzus!  I never knew you were a Wickla Man!  What part [or are you ashamed to tell]?

    Living in the Willow Grove quite near Grove Bar – very handy when I’m home !!!

  9. Time spent communicating with many site visitors on a range of topics, some of them damn serious and others delightfully trivial, is not time wasted. You have to use the old grey matter when thinking of what to say. You employ grammar and things learned at school when trying to express your observations and put them down in well-punctuated writing. That’s not time wasted.

    If you hadn’t spent all that time ruminating, writing and answering readers silly and other kinds of comments – well, what would you have done to fill in your retirement years? Smoking plug tobacco and spitting on the bar floor? Writing letters to the County Council about country potholes? Studying the sports pages of the papers? Picking arguments with the local priest about God and the altar girls? Eyeing the schoolgirls coming out the front gate at the local secondary school? Discussing parish pump politics? Wondering if the government is going to reduce your pension? If the government is going ro raise the tax on plug tobacco and silvermint sweets?

    Keep at it boy. Another five years of blogging before your teeth start to fall out; before you stop eyeing young ladies; before you decide that drinking beer is only good for the brewery shareholders.

  10. Remember the story in the Bible when Christ healed the lepers? Well only one came back to say thanks! Let me be that leper and say THANK YOU for your missives! 

  11. Slab – For a moment there you had me worried, but on closer examination, that isn’t me.

    Mossy – A North Wickla man then?  We won’t hold that against you. 

    Ger – You make the prospect of life without scribbling sound rather nice.  I am sorely tempted.  “Another five years of blogging before your teeth start to fall out”  Too late!  Heh!

    Not Green – Thank you for your thank you.  And congratulations and squeezing in a mention of the Bible.  I think that’s a first?

    Patrick – Stop mocking the afflicted.  You never know when the wind may change direction?

  12. “You really should quit. Long overdue. Should have quit four years ago. You  musings are pedantic, obtuse, repetitive, boring, trite and lacking in any interest whatsoever.” Is what I would have said if……..heh, heh !  No GD you brighten my every waking day old pal.
    “God bless you!” Is what I would have said if I believed in one.

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