The Lost Weekend — 13 Comments

  1. You are too old to have the young appetite for your favorite vices. It is time to condemn the young people who do have this appetite and call it wisdom.

  2. We videotaped the whole evening.  We know who has your trousers.  We’ll keep the tapes for use at a later date.

  3. Ramrod – I refuse to be ‘too old’.  I prefer ‘not young enough’ [though God help the first person who proclaims that I am ‘X years young’].  And the problem with young people is they insist on all these newfangled drinks.  Gone are the good old days of a choice of lager, beer, stout, whiskey or gin.

    The CIA – Damn!  Get it over with and put it on YouTube please.

  4. “To be young is heaveny.”   Truest words ever written.                   I miss my youth. (Don’t even go there!)   Shit, I miss my middle age.

  5. You Irish, your all the same, can’t keep up with us older jocks. But this old Jock has had an epiphany and no longer enjoys a smoke, drink or a decent meal that contains fat, sugar or an over burden of salt. Although I’m not sure whether it was an epiphany or a dream after last night on the sauce? Anyway tomorrow I’m a teetotal non smoker who strictly adheres to my ‘five a day.’ Will you join me?
    Hello Grandad…Grandad… are you still alive??

  6. TT – Nah! I have no wish to be young again.  Too many problems, like mortgages and work!

    BigYin – Me?  You want me to hive up my Guinness. curries and pipe?   Mwaahahahahaha!! Stoppit,.  You’ll give me a heart attack.

  7. Just tesing you Gramps, just testing. (God for one minute I thought he was going on the wagon permanently and you know where that leads, no tobacco and no chips with everything…phewwww.)

  8. After a large feed of drink I always make a promise to myself to give up the stuff.  [For one day].  I will stop all these evil habits, but not until the coffin lid is firmly nailed down.

  9. Slab – Not a great Sinatra fan, but Herself enjoyed it!  😉
    Cat – Come hell or high water, keep the old flag flying.

  10. Your trousers ended up over here (God knows how). Laurie’s had them in the wash and now they’re up to dry in front of the wood stove. By the way, there was a pint in the pocket–thanks! Now what do you want me to do with the pretty young female your trousers were wrapped around?
    And just forget about quitting the vices. I smoked for years and years without a single health problem and finally gave them up in 2005. I spent the following 2 years just knowing I was going to be diagnosed with lung cancer. That’s how it works right? No sign of lung cancer until after you quit?

  11. Kirk M – Thanks for washing the trousers.  You can wash the pretty young female too if you like?  I have no intention of giving up my vices – why prolong my life just in order to be miserable?  This lad is going to go out in a blaze of drunken smoking glory! 

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