Citzalia revisited — 8 Comments

  1. Tell ’em to foxtrot oscar.
    When you have nothing to lose, what have you got to lose?

  2. Grandad:

    Your “more realistic rules” left out the most important villans who form the backbone of tyranny. Your fellow citizens are domesticated. They are willing to trade away personal freedom for the security of an orderly society. When they perform jurry service, they convict anyone who resists tyranny. An inserted hero would be the bomb throwing patriot.

  3. The old adage. Old but true. One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot.  Whichever, he’s a scoundrel. Like these assholes who drive around with a “Support our troops” sticker on their cars. So, tell me driver “What exactly are you doing to support our troops?” Well says he ” I put  this lovely sticker, cheaper than a real ribbon I might add, on my Cadillac.”  “Fuck off you cunt” says I.”

  4. Patrick – I keep telling ’em to fuck off.  Everyone just ignores me.

    Ramrod & TT – You both have me utterly confused now.  Are you both commenting on yesterday’s scribble, or are terrorists invading Citzalia?

  5. I don’t know. You’re ‘clarting’ on about Europe again so we figured we would just quietly talk amongst ourselves till you are done.

  6. Grandad:

    You have proposed improvements to the Citzalia fantazy game that would make it more realistic. So have I. I also propose the insertion of a make-believe-super-hero who would make the game competitive. 

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