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  1. I gather that after the post debate press conference Our Martin held back for a private word with her to complain about the line of questioning she fed him.
    But yes, she is smokin’ hot!

  2. It sounds like you people have more freedom to ask candidates important questions than U.S. citizens. A U.S. forum would be heavily regulated. That means that it would be staged to make the candidates appear like something that they are not: honest.

    I personally have a order of protection signed by U.S. Judge Joan Gottschall banning me and my wife from public forums. My wrongdoing is asking insulting questions prior to an election.

  3. Miriam was ok up to the point where Dana went off the rails. She could’nt control the interview. I could almost hear the programme controllers screaming in her headset “what the fuck is she saying, get her to explain”. It did’nt happen.
    Vincent Browne would still have her in the studio, grilling her to explain herself. I’d vote for him. He would entertain us taking the piss out of everyone that had the misfortune to visit The Park.

  4. TT – Miriam was pretty harsh on our Martin all right but a) she was just as harsh on the others and b) none of the others is a known ex[?] terrorist.  Does the fucking eejit think that everyone has forgotten his past in the IRA? Does he really think it isn’t a factor to consider?

    Ramrod – Interesting…  Presumably your order of protection has a legal standing which then supposes that insulting someone has to be defined in law?  So what is the legal definition of an insult?  What was the dastardly question you asked?

    Slab – In fairness to Miriam, everyone was blindsided by the Dana thing.I would hazard a guess that 90% of viewers uttered those immortal words – “what the fuck is she on about?”  It was a very surreal moment.  Vinnie Brown for President?  Nah!  Half the time he doesn’t make sense.  Nor do the current candidates now that I think of it.  Fuck!  Now I’m confused.

  5. GD, Why don’t you vote for Michael Twee then?
    We’re going to get another cardboard cutout for the park anyway.

  6. Mother O’Rourke was on the radio this morning describing Miriam O’Callaghan as the Red Dragon.

    I think Vincent Browne would have been a brilliant president – he and the Duke of Edinburgh could have held insulting conferences!  

  7. From what I can find on the internet about McGuinness, the man has a history of being well-armed and having the courage to fight against tyrany. What kind of a person would gripe about these rare qualities?

  8. Ramrod. A person who had an innocent family member blown away by one of these ‘brave’ cunts.

  9. Slab:

    Does this “innocent family member” have a name and date of being “blown away”? Or, is this a phony excuse for not having the courage to fight against tyrany?

  10. Fortunately for me my family members did their bit on both sides in the early twentieth century. I do however live on this Island and have witnessed what these assholes have done. Have you?
    Over 3,000 people lost their lives needlessly with tens of thousands injured.
    I meet Paramedics in Omagh, who had, after the bomb blast there, to collect body parts of their friends, relations and neighbours. How the fuck do you thing they feel and think.

    The Vast majority of Irish people, North and South want peace and the freedom to live and work without the threat from self styled freedom fighters who are backward looking and should be consigned to the past, where they belong.

    I don’t need a phony excuse. I live, work and pay to live here. My dead forefathers guaranteed this for me with their blood, sweat and tears. My loyalty is to my Family and my Country. God help any fucker who threatens either.
    What would your attitudt be to Obama if he’d been a Islamist militant who had sworn to destroy your country and then became President on a tissue of lies?
    You should’nt talk about stuff you know fuck all about.
    Have a read

  11. Your “Fianna Fail’s shite is chocolate” comment caused a coffee snot on my keyboard… just sayin’ is all…!

  12. Not been ‘on the ground’ over there in the last few days watched Vincent Brown on the internet and saw for the first time what a shower are standing. Is this the best Ireland can do no wonder ye a shagged. I noticed during the interview Mary Davis professional jobsworth got €150k for one job in some charity plus was on the board of Bank of Ireland and many more outfits. What the hell does she know about the real world. Dana with her copy of the constitutions but still telling us how great the EU is. Norris I suppose its not PC to say anything about him but he seems to be on some ego trip. McG sold out all his beliefs for a government car. The others dont know much about but none a worth 15 mins of anybody’s time going to polling booth.
    My vote is for Vincent Brown sorry Grandad he’s the only one talking sense.

  13. I read your post and then watched Primetime. Fuck. I’m sorry for Ireland, none of those people is even remotely suitable to be a president. 
    I think it would be very bad for the country if McGuinness was elected, but I don’t really despise the man as such. However Dana, Davis and Mitchell simply make me sick.

  14. Isn’t it strange that the only people who seem to see McGunness and his pals as “freedom fighters” are American?  The vast majority of Irish see them for what they were [or are] – a bunch of mindless terrorists to whom life means nothing if it stands in the way of their “cause”.

    For those of you who are now voting for Vincent Brown, I’m sorry but Miriam O’Callaghan still get’s my number one.  If nothing else, she is a hell of a lot easier on the eye.

    Johnny-boy – Welcome, and sorry abput the keyboard.  However I don’t do replacements.  Sorry!

    So that’s the Dana Story is it?  If she had shut the fuck up then it probably never would have hit the mainstream meeja, but all she has done is to draw everyone’s attention to it.  Fucking idiot!

  15. Slab:
    I am not talking about “stuff that I know fuck all about”. If you read my previous comment, you will have to notice that it consists of two questions.

    I am not one of the Americans who see McGuinness as a hero. I never heard of him until you brought his name up yesterday. I assumed that because he is campaigning for an important office that he is popular with your fellow citizens.   

    I personally don’t like any of the candidates that are popular with my fellow citizens.

  16. So, the choices are:
    1. An Idiot
    2. A fucking idiot
    3. a Fucker
    4. A fucking murderer (allegedly)
    5. Some other fucker.
    6. A fucking idiot singer (2 for 1)
    7. Miriam O’Callaghan.


    Drum roll. lights, fanfare.

    8. Grandad.

  17. Ramrod – I’m not saying you are one of those people.  What I am saying is that the Americans were the greatest source of finance for the campaign of bombings and shootings, through such agencies as Noraid.  They were suckered into this idea of Freedom Fighters through some nifty propaganda.

    Patrick – Thank you.  I’m flattered.  But only on condition I don’t have to leave my mountains to go live in a public park in the city.

  18. Grandad:

    The order of protection has a threat of six months in jail without a trial for contempt of court. I was saved from jail by the intervention of a federal appeal filed on my behalf by Ralph Nader. U.S. Judge Joan Gottschall’s order has no lawful basis. The reason for this order was to protect this corrupt judge and others like her from my website criticism. Judge Gottschall created a new right for the ruling class: the right not to be harmed by my website criticism.

    Our village trustees were praising their proposed ordinance requiring sprinkler systems to be installed in new and renovated homes. My dastardly question: “If these sprinkler systems are so important for safety, why don’t you have one in each of your homes”. The police chief came to the podium and forced me out of the building for “being insulting”.

    My wife and myself have been threatened out of public meetings a half-dozen times: twice,before the meeting began, for talkink to our neighbors when we “didn’t have the floor”.

  19. Quick – get Miriam in to oversee this debate here.

    Two things on McGuinness.

    Firstly – and admittedly lapsing into the tradition of whataboutery – bad (very bad?) and all as he may be, don’t think you could lay the whole mess at his door. Don’t remember everything being all sweetness and light before he got going. Far from it. It’s not so much that I mind the likes of him getting blamed – but I hate the thought of others thereby being absolved.

    Second thing – there’s a lot of understandable hypocrisy on him south of the border. On the one hand it’s apparently alright, laudable even, for McGuinness to work with, say, Peter Robinson north of the border – to share government with (hopefully) erstwhile enemies – all part of the hard road to peace. But on the other hand he’s too dirty for Phoenix Park.
    So clean enough for the PSNI, DUP, loyalists, etc, etc to be expected to work with him – but not (never) fragrant enough for some southerners?
    Somehow the deaths of Irish state security personnel rank higher than the deaths of their counterparts north of the border? Never mind all the civilians? Do only northern lives lost have to be swallowed for the greater good while those south of the border count for more?

    Then again – I can dish out the questions – but the answers are harder to live with. For all my quibbling – is he really the sort of guy I want as president? An insult to victims? Or a symbol that we really have moved on? Which is more important – the blood on his hands – or the hands he’s shaken since?

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