Losing a tock — 17 Comments

  1. Clocks run on magic.  I know this for a fact because I use to have 11 clocks running in my house.  If you smoke like I do then you need to have them cleaned every few years.  There are two clock makers in this area and both of them are very reasonably priced but it takes forever to get my clocks back.  Go find a clock maker and get your clock cleaned correctly and it will both tick and tock precisely in the future.

  2. i’m amazed you managed the disassemble reassemble shame about the tick tock, though job well done on making it work again

  3. Brianf – There wasn’t a trace of smoke inside it.  The kitchen clock is a different matter [a seventy year old electric clock] as it gets a fair hammering with grease, smoke and the like.  That has to be cleaned regularly.  And I haven’t a clue where the nearest clockmaker is.  I must try looking one up.

    Cat – There is something lovely about the guts of a clock – all those shiny brass cogs and things.  I think I just love the sight  because it’s old fashioned [proper] technology.

  4. ………. Huh?,  jayes I thought you were on about cocks again!!!  Had a late night, wake me up when it’s over…………..

  5. Nothing is fixed anymore. Try to find someone to replace leather soles on a pair of fine shoes.

    Nothing is designed to be fixed anymore. Entire systems are replaced when all that is broken is an inexpensive part. The estimate to repair my electrically controled outside auto mirrors was $1000.

    Corporations want to deal as litte as possible with manufacturing employees. They purchase entire systems and run a bare-bones assembly plant. Corporate managers are paper pushers and stock hustlers. They have no ability to understand their own physical product. All they want to do is market and finance.

  6. Try using the interweb you are so fond of to “look up”  a clockmaker. Should be a doddle. Anyway, shouldn’t you have a Grandfather clock.
    However, I would chuck that old clock out if I were you; looks cheap and nasty.

  7. TT – Why would I go to the bother of looking up a clock repairer when I can do the job myself?  It’s a dying art, but it’s enjoyable.  Have you any idea how much a decent grandfather clock costs?  A lot more than a fit of drunkenness will overcome!

    Electrically controlled = controlled by electricity.  Sounds fair enough to me?

  8. Just that in this digital and electronic age it’s already starting to sound dated. I guess it’s just us ‘young ‘uns.’

  9. GD, Just off the subject for a sec. “The Canonical List of Ways to Kill Barney the dinosaur”. I fucking love it. It would make a great movie.
    On the tick tock situation. Maybe you used too much oil on reassembly and this has quietened down the sounds.
    I don’t have and tocks, but as I live in The Sticks, I can get you all the ticks you want.

  10. Slab – One can never use too much oil.  You can keep your ticks.  Sneaky little fuckers.  They get into the weirdest places.

    And that video of yours could do with a little editing [maybe from one minute and three seconds down to about one second]?

  11. Take the clock into a dark room and shine a light in it’s face. Put on you best German accent and repeat after me. “ve have vayes of making you toc”. Works every time

  12. That’s a coincidence….my (battery driven) kitchen clock has just started ticking AND tocking!  It never used to – Spooky? 

    One of the good things about living in a ‘Third World Country’ is that we can actually find people who do repair things – of course everyone is broke here so we can’t afford to buy new anything. 

  13. I was sitting there last night watching shite on the telly when I noticed the wife giving me looks.
    What’s up, saysI, thinking it might be christmas.
    You’ve developed a twitch, says she, like Richard Kimble, smiling. Just on the one side of your mouth. It kinda goes up a little every now and then.
    Fuck me, thinks I. I’ve found half of GD’s problem from during the week.
    I have his tick.

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