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  1. ‘Somehow I think I am soon to vanish off your screens.’

    Not a chance.

    Firstly, the biggest four UK ISPs have already stated that the Govt. cannot interfere with or re-write existing service contracts.

    Quote:  But ISPs moved quickly to insist that the provisions will only apply to people taking out completely new contracts, who will be offered the choice of a connection with “parental controls”, or one without. “Customers will have to choose one or the other, but we won’t be making either one the default,” said a source at one of the ISPs.

    However… The ISPs have already implemented a parental control system which is ominous for any UK net freedom… ‘But questions have been raised about the systems used to implement the blocking, which for BT and TalkTalk will share a service called HomeSafe. As implemented by TalkTalk, every web location that a customer connects to will be recorded and checked for malicious softwareeven if they have not opted into the “parental control” system.   

    Secondly, we all have access to VPNs, admittedly at extra cost, if we should choose to do so. I for one would make that choice.

    Of course this is the lie of the land at present and we all know that regulation creep will continue backed by fake charities such as the ‘Mothers Union’ who are the ones that have coerced the Govt. into this stance.

    There are no children in my house and none are invited, ever. So I don’t see why a group of sqwaking, cackling females should be able to dictate where on the net I’m allowed to go and what I’m allowed to view.

    So fuck ’em.       

  2. What is of primary importance is to outlaw all forms of adult (sex) entertainment. Children should not grow up with displays showing that men are sexually aroused by women.

  3. Ramrod – hardly a post expected from one so named.

    All you have to do to access the doirty stuff is tick the box marked “pervert” and your in.
    Have a 15″ black cock. (as long as it’s your own)

  4. Welcome Xen347!  I know there have been attempts in the past to block searches on the basis of nudity and obscenity.  One of the main objections to the system was from the people of Scunthorpe.  Heh!  What would concern me about the whole affair is that it is yet another foot in the door.  Once they have the initial censorship accepted by the public then where are they going to stop?  There is nothing in the world to stop them from extending that censorship to any topic they like.  Visions of the Great Firewall of China?

    Ramrod – Are they allowed grow up with visions of men being sexually aroused by sheep?  Just wondering…..

    Patrick – I have a very big cock [it’s a Rhode Island Red].  Will I be banned?

  5. Thats a coincidence GD. I have a Cock too ( A Rhode Island Ride all the Hens). His name is Suck.
    We had to ban him from the Hen run. He was shagging the Hens until their feathers fell out. They gave up laying eggs from all the abuse.
    I’m going to have to choke the chicken.

  6. Slab – I have never ever seen a full episode of the Teletubbys.  Firstly they had that freaky kid staring out of the sun and then those coulerdy fuckers started dancing around the place.  I switched off an told the granddaughter that the television had broken.

    As for Barney.  The only good thing that he ever started was this.

  7. Poppycock. You guys are idiots. If you actually read the article it’s simply about parental control. Much as we already have for TV.

  8. TT – The way I read it is that the service provider will default to a censored connection.  If you don’t want the censored version, you have to opt in.  I wonder if they will have a line in the signup agreement – “Do you wish to view pornography?”  Heh!

  9. no more boobies and willies???? i cannot live in that kinda world since i have one set and rather fond of the other

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