The truth on Facebook — 11 Comments

  1. TT – I gained friends through people wanting to be friends with me.  In my random clicking I must have accidentally let a few in.

  2. live in China, problem solved, no facebook
    perhaps the CCP  being taking your points on board


  3. God be with the days when they all came abegging to the door. The poor sods would stand there and spin out the well rehersed yarn of crap trying to intice you, tugging on your heartstrings, to give.
    God be with the days when you had a human in front of you to tell to go and fuck off.

  4. Slab – You can’t beat the sound of a good solid oak door slamming in someone’s face.  There is no fun in it any more.

  5. Sean Eile – Welcome to the mad house and apologies for losing you in Moderation.  Don’t tell me you can’t see Facebook but you can see this site?  Wow!  There is a God.

  6. When I rented a cottage in the hills of rural Ireland a decade ago the only people who wanted to be friends with me were Jehovas Witnesses. Lucky for me I was always away at work when they called at my door after treading their way along a gravelled avenue 500 metres from the nearest road, about twice a year, so all I had to do was read bemusedly their literature about the Kingdom (nothing to do with Kerry apparently) before rolling it up along with discarded newspapers and old copies of Playboy and Ireland’s Own (I have liberal conservative cultural tastes) to use as kindling for lighting my evening turf fires. Facebook? I don’t miss it here. It’s narcissistic timewasting. But I do miss the smell of burning peat.

  7. Speaking like a bit of an addict here, I have to say fb is great!  i love knowing who did what with sheep so i can snigger when I see them in the supermarket and WILL NEVER pick up anything they may have touched in the fresh fruit section at Supervalue………….

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