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  1. Well you obviously didn’t say “Wickla” with a Greystones accent !
    More “Arkla” I presume !

  2. So you did have a ferry crossing story to tell after all. And isn’t privilege / oneupmanship / feeling special / a cut above the rest worth a tenner?

  3. Mossy – You are being too kind to the place.

    TT – It makes a pleasant change not to have to bung a tip to gain my due deference. 

    The CIA – Thanks.  And a right fucking mess you made of it.

  4. Wickla. Well, fuck me sideways. I’m not that long hanging on your every word but I never picked wicklow. I worked there for 5 years from ’75 to ’80, Wicklow town. The making of me. Had me heart broken eventually and learnt to hold the drink, among other things. Nothing but great memories. The pubs are great, the girls were awesome, (some still are) and the craic we had was unbelievable. I’ve been gone 25 years now but got back a couple of times to catch up. Still like home.
    I don’t remember any families called Ramble there, though. Are you a blow-in?

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