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  1. They are waiting to see if he rises on the third day.
    Sarcasm aside, very rare for me, he was extremely talented and had a knack for “perfecting” devices.

  2. Steve Jobs was a genius who spent his life making gadgets for nerds. I respect him because he dropped out of college after six months.

  3. I’m not denying that he was a great innovator and businessman, but he wasn’t exactly a saint either?  There just seems to be a disproportionate amount of meeja coverage?

  4. He dropped out of college after so little time because i doubt college would be much use to men like him or bill gates..

    Not a fan of apple dont like the style icon semi cult they have going and the restrictive hardware never the less he did great things with the company rip  

  5. Welcome Dark!  As I said, I am not denying that he was a visionary, but was his vision the future of computing, or just the future of Apple?

    Cat & Mossy – The cheques are in the post.

  6. Cranky – Howya stranger!  Welcome back.  I knew about Pixar.  I thought it kinder not to mention it.

  7. A vision for apple well marketed to create a consumer base among people who didnt know they wanted / needed them and so changing the course of mobile tech to at lest some degree for us all for instance i own a galaxy S smart phone i love the thing andt its likely it wouldn’t be what it is with out the iPhone

    Also tablet pcs are sorta interesting to me now as i have trouble writeing due to illness guess there wouldnt be such a wide choice if not for the ipad might owe the man and his company something there as well. 

    On saying that i purposely avoid apple products <_< >_>  really really dont like the style cult thing surronding them and the general smugness of some of there users 

  8. Brianf – My point exactly.  Tell that to the iGeneration.

    Dark – Not only did he invent things that nobody really asked for, but then persuaded them that their lives are incomplete without the inventions.  Then to cap it he convinced them that anything other than the current model is crap.  I really admire the man for what he achieved.  There is no doubt that he was an incredible businessman.  But not a god.

  9. Jeez guys cut the dead fucker some slack willya? Bitch, bitch, bitch. “He was just a guy” well so was Einstein, Jesus, etc.

  10. If it was not for Steve Jobs I would never have got computer literate, my 1st computer was a De*l it lasted 18 months and never once did what it was supposed to and I learnt b*gger all about P.C.’s. After I was made redundent I had enough cash to buy a Mac, nearly 10 years ago, a G4 Powerbook, it still works today, nothing ever broke except the battery but even that lasted 6 years…..I up graded to a Mac Mini and  I dont begrudge the price which was cheap compared to over here because I bought in in the USA. Ultimately you get what you pay for and their stuff lasts, and works, and thats all I give a toss about, I do agree about the IPhone and the fashion freaks though.

  11. Ian – Of course not.  Wrong religion!

    TT – I was wondering when you’d show up.  Anyway I’m not bitching about the dead fucker [your words..].  I’m bitching about the people who seem to think the world has ended.

    Patrick – I’m surprised at you…….

    Johnnyrvf – In my case I blame Clive Sinclair.  Why did you use an asterisk in the word Dell?  Is it a swear word I am unaware of, or are you just afraid of advertising?

  12. Sorry to hear he died – too young. (Shit, same age as me! it’s O.K., I feel fine, nothing to worry about…)
    Some thoughts…
    1. Did anyone press crtl, alt, del. and does that work work Apple?
    2. He developed a modern walkman, a fancy phone and a computer tart. Shit, it’s not like he developed a cure for cance… the common cold or something.
    3. Great salesman.
    (Never had any apple products – couldn’t justify the prices for flash value. Preferred to build my own machines).

  13. Why the obsession with what other people do?  Its their choice, if they want a new phone its their money – not yours.  Wheres the problem?  Steve Jobs created an industry employing thousands – he didnt sit around bitching about the world.  He got off his arse, took risks and and made things happen.  Maybe obsession becomes a problem if it keeps you awake at 1.52am to check the blog…..

  14. Snookertony – You worry about his age?  Damn!  I’m a quare bit older than he was.  How d’you think that makes me feel?

  15. Sirvivor – The only reason it irritates me is that every damn television and radio station was on about it.  It also sadly justifies my opinion that a large chunk of today’s yoof are nothing more than sheep.  As for checking my site at 1.52am, just wait ’til you’re my age and you’ll discover that sleep can sometimes be an elusive bedfellow.

    TT – Not really.

  16. I left a very clever comment and even made sure all the above fields were filled out correctly but when submitting it threw an error and lost the comment. It said I didn’t fill out the field correctly when I damn well know I did, same as they are now. I’m very irritated I hope you know.
    Try as I might I wasn’t able to cleverly turn this comment into something about Steve Jobs and Apple products. (sigh) I must be losing my touch.

  17. I once had the same thing happen to me. I remember leaving the computer for awhile to do a chore. Also, spell check locked up my computer.

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