Doing nothing — 6 Comments

  1. I feel like doing nothing every day. I will be in the pub within the hour. Happy to be a lazy bastard.


  2. Patrick – Behave yourself. 

    Peter – Welcome!  Lazy bastardness is the ideal state, and should be practiced at any and all suitable moments.

  3. I don’t know if the reason you boys are being so mean to my Patty is because he is gay; or if it’s because he is short, stupid,fat, bald,ugly and his breath smells like ass juice. Or maybe you have found out that his penile enlargement operation went awry. Whichever it is I would ask that you desist getting him so excited. That’s my job.

  4. Fucking penile enlargement, I thought it was a huge clitoris AND, I’m not short.
    See you tonight sedders darling.
    I just love cyber sex. 

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