Nanny in the sky — 16 Comments

  1. Of all of the proposals in the article the one sound one is to ensure that every driving test across the EU has a compulsory vision test. The rest, as you rightly say, is nannying bullshit.

  2. The madness will never stop. But at least burglars in a car heading up your drive might get a shock, and there will be an excellent business opportunity for little 12volt air pumps to activate the breathalisers. Every cloud…….

  3. Manwiddicombe – If they had a full and proper test then there would be no need for most of the restrictions, laws and by-fucking-laws.

    Woodsy – Good point.  All any driver would need is an ordinary balloon.   Get a nicely sober person to blow into it, etc etc.

  4. The nanny laws come from those that have been domesticated the most. They married the first girl that held their hand in school and have been plannying their retirement since they were eighteen. They are very comfortable parking their asses in a classroom and coffe- clutching at the office. 

  5. I see them as miserable lonely fuckers who haven’t got a life of their own, so they try to bring us all down to their level.

  6. It is’nt going to happen, believe me, the E.U. will have disintergrated by the collapse of the Euro long before this rubbish even gets to the proposition level, the Germans are saying no to any more bail outs, the Chinese are not prepared to lend any money to the over stretched European banks and the last hope the U.S.A. is very reluctant to lend even more cash to the E.U. It’s all coming crashing down so no more stupid rules by communist idiots.

  7. Its all so simple really. Its all about how much money the bastards they can screw us out of.

    They start be throwing out a load of mad ideas to get us all fired up and ranting. Then they adopt the ideas that have attracted the least resistance and ire. These are the ones we eventually pay for.

  8. Have no fear, 2000+ ground to air missiles have gone “missing” in Libya.
    Nanny in the sky might get one up ‘er shit locker.

  9. Johnnyrvf – Roll on the day!  When the EU finally implodes, does that mean we can remove all those fucking niggly little Nanny Laws from the books?

    Patrick – 2000?  The bastards!!   They told me they could only sell me 1000 as it was all they had.

    Slab – I saw that.  Chairman Mao would be so proud.

  10. One motor car accessory they haven’t made compulsory yet is the personal parking ticket book with the owner’s car registration number specially printed on each page. In the interests of allowing the Gardai to perform more urgent security tasks, all an offending motorist has to do is fill in the blank spaces on the docket, sign it and place in special parking ticket boxes situated beside post boxes. Garda stations could be provided with ATM facilities where motor offenders could use credit cards to pay parking fines.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, I suggest that government imposes a 5%parking ticket tax on all fines paid. Should bring the government finances back into the black in no time – and encourage more motorists to use push bikes.

  11.  It will soon be altered to stop you using your car if you have not paid EU ‘protection’ taxes. I remember when I was back in Ireland in July reading that some people were going to refuse to pay the property tax. Did anyone notice in Greece extra taxes are been added to the electric bills so there’s no way you can avoid paying up,the EU are now the masters.
    The truth is out there…..

  12. There’s a 12% government “tax” being collected with every electricity bill paid in the UK, The legality of such a “tax” without legislation is being investigated.

  13. If I want a service to track for a stolen car, I will buy one. They exist now – LowJack and Tracker being two. In fact it is quite difficult to insure top end vehicles now without such a service. 

    The EU in fact wants to remove drivers from cars. This is a good idea if each individual chooses, but the big problem is that I do NOT want a monopoly entity in control of when, how and where I drive or are driven or to know my movements without, say, a warrant.

    The EU, by interfering in driving in this way, shows how it treats people as chattel/cattle.


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