A moving story — 9 Comments

  1. My dream always is to reach the ferry port at Ouistreham and say, ‘Ah, feck it’, and turn the car southwards.

  2. I feel for ya GD. Me, the packing day is worse than the moving day. Once I am actually travelling I get to enjoy it. Particularly the water part.

  3. i’m looking forward to you being home and more bitching blogging about whats going on tbh i’m a bit too  jealous of the holiday to not delight in you returning

  4. Ian – Please don’t put ideas like that in my head.  I will be very sorely tempted.

    TT – In the middle of the pack at the moment.  You’re right about tomorrow.  I love driving here and could do it all day.  It’s just that I’ll be heading in the wrong direction. 

    Cat – Do I not deserve a little break?  With all the hassle I get here, I need time to relax.  And I did my little bit over the last three weeks to spread a little of the sunshine?

  5. I can understand “packing” prior to going “on” holiday but why the flying fortnum and mason would you want to “pack” to go home, when I go home I “stuff” things away into any bag, nook or cranny. On arrival, back at Harris towers, the missus waves her magic stick and it’s all folded and back in the drawers ready for “packing” the next time a holiday is required.
    piece of piss.

  6. Patrick – I don’t give a damn what she calls it just so long as she gets it done.  I do the important jobs like driving, and she does all the rest.

    Cat – Don’t feel bad.  Not everyone can be as magnanimous as me.

    Slab – Wine is all very well but the time comes when there is a craving for a good solid, honest to God pint of the black stuff.  Anyway, I’m bringing enough back to float a battleship.

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