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  1. hello there The CIA, how are you? 
    tt you are looking well. 
    slab, work going well for you?
    oh thank you for noticing Patrick Harris, it is a new blouse. 
    excuse me a moment time for another drinkie… 

  2. So, overnighting in Caen, eh? My old man was wounded in the battle for Caen. His C.O. was killed. Drink a glass to them willya; while you are there.

  3. Cat, Work going shite as usual. TT, God bless yer ol’ man and his C.O.. If we had some of those guys over here now……get my drift.
    PH, if you want to start with awful names please lets start with the Euro Fuckwits. Maybe we can come up with a new name for the inept bastards.

  4. Google Interweb and what do you get?
    A sarcastic term for the internet. Often used in the context of parody regarding an inexperience, unskilled, or incoherent user.


  5. Thinks we should clean up Grandad’s place before he gets here. It was some party. I was glad Sandy knew where the spare key was. Of course with all the empties from the party it looks just like it did before the party.

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