Books and duck and things — 11 Comments

  1. Whilst I really like confit, I prefer magrais du canard, especially when marinaded in a mix of fresh ginger, honey and garlic, however my missus knocks up magrais and chips for lunch sans sauce often enough and I prefer that to chicken. If you go to the big supermarkets you usually find Magrais on promo, about 5 euros a kilo, its easy enough to cut off the fat and it cooks easily in the pan without oil.

  2. Duck and chips anyone ?

    Woman goes to the doc’s with a bit of lettuce hanging from her crotch. “That looks nasty” says the doc. “Nasty” she says. “That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

  3. Canard L’Orange [or whatever you call it] is grand, but I just have a thing for the Confit.  I know it’s rich but what the hell.  The Vidaloos have lined the stomach with carbon, so I can take it.  I’ve never heard of Magrais, so I must look out for it.  Nowt like a new experince?

    Decomposing animal flesh and chips anyone?”  Oh go on then, but leave out the chips.

  4. Magrais is duck breast, confit is thigh of duck, magrais du canard is everywhere as it is considered a working mans meat. As to decomposing flesh, game birds such as Grouse has to be hung for at least 2 weeks until the skin has a green tinge before it is considered ready to cook and yes I LIKE it like that.

  5. Johnnyrvf – I could never decide whether I was a breast man or a thigh man.  Maybe now is the time to decide?  I think I’ll pass on the decomposing stuff though.

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