Coffee famine — 11 Comments

  1.  “Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever seen a French person run.”
    Wait for it. (From my fellow Mercans.)

  2. 10 miles away because you must really really want it for it to be worth it (the views not the coffee lol)

  3. My dad said the French can run, in fact he had to tell a brigade of French soldats that if they really wanted to get to the front in such a hurry they should about turn “avec alacrity silvous fucking plait”.

  4. TT – Did I ever tell you that you’re a shit stirrer?! 😉

    Cat – At my age, I’m prepared to make that little extra effort.

    Patrick – Nasty!  [I have to say that, at least while I’m in their country?]

    Slab – I had the misfortune to see the Beeb news tonight.  Those two fuckwits were embarrassing.  Why can’t they openly admit that all they are interested in is the oil?

  5. Yep, GD. I can’t wait ’till Wiki leaks or someone releases all the MI5 documents found in Gadaffi’s HQ.

  6. Are there any MI5 documents on the private lives of Sarkozy and Berlusconi? Reading them would enhance the aroma of my demitasse coffee, mes amis.

  7. It’s the gold, or more specifically Gadaffi’s threat to introduce a pan-African currency based on a gold standard, that they needed to deal with, and not the oil as such …  that was Iraq ….

    Libyans Paying Debt of Gratitude….They thought Gadaffi was bad. They were not free under his dictatorial rule. Now they will be free, free to pay for their freedom to the Allies, like Iraq and Afganistan. It will cost them Oil and mineral resources, and their now debt free country will become democratic and indebted just like the rest of us suckers.
    Welcome Libya to the real world.

    US Military aid to some of The Former Yugoslavian Republics during the civil was old and obsolete military stock dating back to WW2 including Thompson submachine guns. The Merkins got to clean out their old junk and get paid for it.

  9. Hey GD you’ve been bollocking about in La Belle France for two whole weeks now. The only photies we’ve seen are of a poxy duck and a green pond. Get busy willya?

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