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  1. Same as the bogrolls in Charmouth (Dorset), it’s about 1″ narrower than I’m used to, one slip and for the next hour you’re cleaning finger nails. 
    To get the area in question clean enough to eat off, try the strippers’s stocking routine.
    Da dada da, da dada da.

  2. HI GD – are you still out in France?  We came back yesterday during the remnants of some other Yank hurricane or other – never been surfing the waves with Britanny Ferries before – quite an experience!!!  The last time I was in wet shite like that was on the vomit comet from Dublin to Holyhead – beats the hell out of any fairground ride – and you can’t get off for hours – yeah!  Caen to Portsmouth was a cool ‘throw up’ – six hours.  saw Angers for the first time – always by-passed it in the past – the place was closed – half day!  We had thought of going further South, but ventured further West into Britanny to unchartered territory.  As for narrow toilet paper – it seems they only use the middle finger in preparation for later life when they can show it to the rest of Europe!!

  3. Now I understand why the loo paper doesn’t fit the holders  —  we bought them at Profi so they must be French!!

    We’ve got loads of sheep-poo here but I was only going to try putting it on the vegetable garden…………. 

  4. Now I understand why the loo paper doesn’t fit the holders  —  we bought them at Profi so they must be French!!

    We’ve got loads of sheep-poo here but I was only going to try putting it on the vegetable garden………….  funny lot the Welsh!

  5. GD, have you checked to see if they comply with the appropriate EU directive for ’tissue’ paper? The one that’s designed to accommodate the tight-arses of Europe!

  6. Good point tt, and according to wikipedia they are also ‘very convenient for cleaning shaven heads’!
    I have a somewhat disturbing vision of GD experimenting!

  7. The square version of their asswipe is quite annoying – never noticed anything size-wise about the regular (roll-type) one. 

  8. I found the water closets in Holland rather disturbing. They have a kind of shelf above the water line. The turds just lie there al fresco until they get flushed. Odd people the Cloggies. The landlady told me that General Omar Bradley had slept in my bed. As I said. Odd.

  9. Jayzus!  This must hold the record for the quantity of reply vs the number of original words?

    Herself read it and wasn’t impressed.  She asked what the fuck I was doing writing about arses or words to that effect.  I pointed out that it was a though that had rambled through my head and therefore qualified as an entry.  There was no arguing with that.

    One thing I’m glad about is that the French have done away with those squat-hole abominations.  At least I can sit and relax now.

    By the way, Slab – You forgot that Ireland has one of the world’s biggest bedpans?  They insist on calling it the Aviva Stadium, but it’s really Lansdowne Road.

  10. I was going to mention bidets but ‘tt’ beat me to it. I was also going to say something about the French having narrow minds, narrow butts or both but since I had no actual proof of either one I decided not to. On any account, when I was in France I couldn’t bring myself to “go” anywhere–it was the toilet paper. Good thing I was only there 3 days.
    @Cardi – The hurricane remnants were from Katia but she didn’t come from us. She got 2/3rds of the way across from Africa to the US and banged a 120 degree turn to the right and headed straight for you folks. She never even got close to us.

  11. Don’t really care where she came from KirkM – she was one mean sistah!!! And will you bahhhstards lay off the Welsh (please note – with an ‘s’ not a ‘c’)

  12. We’re in danger of hijacking Hisself’s original posting here – we’re mincing words with no particular need – change one letter in many words and they take on a wholly different meaning – e.g yank – as in ‘to pull’ *ank – as in to choke the chicken, pull the wire, etc.
    . Wickipedia quotes  … It was one of the oldest regiments in the regular army, hence the archaic spelling of the word Welch instead of Welsh. In the Boer War and throughout the First World War, the army officially called the regiment “The Royal Welsh Fusiliers” but the archaic “Welch” was officially restored to the regiment’s title in 1920 under Army Order No.56. During those decades, the regiment itself unofficially used the “Welch” form. The regiment was amalgamated with the Royal Regiment of Wales(RRW) on 1 March 2006, to become 1st Battalion, (RRW becoming the 2nd Bn).
    Nothing to do with Welsh as the populace.  However, if you had as many sheep shitting in your back yard …..
    makes an interesting business angle.  As Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer once quoted – ‘Nuff said!’ Don’t want to take unfair advantage of someone who’s still benefitting from cheap plonk – sorry GD – I’m out of this one

  13. Feel free.  Fight about whatever you like.  It saves me having to stick my ha’pence worth every few minutes.

  14. You’ve just reminded me how Londonderry got its name. Used to just be Derry and there was that lovely piece of music – the derriere – but the Derry lot got sick of French tourists calling them arseholes and so the derriere became the Londondery Air.

  15. I presume you mean Doire Colmchille Blackwatertown. Nothing rearended about that. No size of paper can wipe that from the map.

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