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  1. Hah! First comment!
    Anyway, you never fooled me for a minute. And that megathingy? It all has to do with that bandwidth thing-a-ma-bob vs actual download speed. You might get one megathingy worth of bandwidth but if you checked your download speed you’ll probably find out it’s somewhere around 128 kilothingy or less.
    Sorry to be so teknikul about it.

  2. Ok Grandad, You carry little if any advertising on your site so how do you make money out of it? Today for instance I see the two links to smoking ban opposition groups, but neither of them are going to pay for your hols next year are they?

  3. we gave up on the wee cottage and booked in hotel in the city for last night of holidays, ahh highspeed i’ve missed you so

  4. Kirk M – That is the point.  I am judging my speeds by test, and it is 1 Megathing.  Take a look.  I’m 90% slower than the whole of France!

    Sean – I run one of those sites and I pay myself a small fortune for the link but only if the traffic is good.

    Cat – I thought you were somewhere out on the Atlantic?  Have you reached the Aran Islands off the West of Ireland?


  5. If I was in your situation, GD, I think the interweb thingy and the lack of speedy megadownload yokes would be the deciding factor in spending loads of mega time down the hole drinking all that lovely French goon. The writing would probably improve too.

  6. heading back on the Atlantic tomorrow =) went as far east as we could in canada, newfoundland – spectacular!!

  7. Hi GD, you could put up a ‘gone fishing’ sign for a day, and have a go at catching one of them there carp on your doorstep. Bit of chunky catfood on a hook and ye’ll be havin’ a whale of a time! Go on, try it, you know you want to 🙂

  8. Slab –  What the fuck do you mean.. “The writing would probably improve too“?  You’ve a fucking nerve to criticise perfection.

    Cat – Sure isn’t Newfoundland just a little bit of Ireland that accidentally floated over there?  Of course it’s spectacular.

    Mick – Be Jayzus but you’ve been gone a while!  Were you afraid I’d make a reappearance in your neck of the woods?  Actually there is a rather handsome cat that wanders around here.  I might try using him as bait?

  9. Ah now GD, you know you’re always welcome in West Cork. So ye’d be saying ya caught a ‘catfish’ then! 🙂

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