Roger Part Deux — 13 Comments

  1. Ah! the unexpected Rogering which goes something like this (from memory not experience)
    Twinkle, twinkle,
    Little rectum,
    Big dick come,
    When least expectum.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me.  I write something frightfully erudite and insightful, and immediately it is dragged down to the basest level by the comments.

    Is that a reflection on me or my commentators, I wonder?

  3. On reflection, you’re right:
    Mirror, mirror,
    On the wall,
    Who’s the eruditest of them all,
    You are Pat without a doubt.
    Thankyou mirror – roger out.

    Lots of insightfulltivityness for you to ponder on.

  4. Soon Roger will be able to drive. To drive the vehicle which was produced on an automated assembly line. Using parts made in other automated factories. From material mined by robots. How long until they wonder what they need all of those silly humans for. Will they look at us as their creators and worship us or maybe they will keep a few of us in zoos and get rid of the excess.

    I have to go now. I think my microwave is watching me.

  5. Years ago I was stationed on a US Navy ship.

    We took out off the coast of San Diego one time with a civilian team of engineers on board and a ton of gear – we spent four days out there going back and forth.

    They erected this big antennae array on the flight-deck (was a small ship, the deck was for a helicopter) and ran cable up to the bridge.

    I stood bridge watches, where one of my duties was to steer the ship as helmsman.  During one of these drills while I was at the helm, a civilian engineer kept checking some gizmos and notating readings while the officer of the deck kept calling out commands for me to turn left or right, then settle on this or that heading. We’d head in a certain direction for a bit and then make a sharp turn and go in another direction.

    Meanwhile the navigator took traditional readings with a sextant and the radar, and they’d compare these with the engineer’s readings from his gizmo, which, by the way, was about the size of a TV set.

    At a point where they didn’t seem so busy and we were headed to a place a few miles down the shoreline to start more drills, I asked the engineer what they were testing. “Oh, it’s a new satellite positioning system. Someday you’ll be able to get readings on a little device that will tell you where you are by reading satellite positions. It’s called Global Positioning System.”

    So this was one of the first GPS systems being tested right after the sats were put up into place, long before the whole thing went commercial. It was even before the military was using it, it was just being tested then.

    Perhaps this was Roger’s very own “Grandad!” 

  6. Patrick – Thank you Sir.  I shall ponder upon that until hairs begin to grow on the palm of my hand, or I start to go blind; whichever comes latest.

    Jim C – Not in my lifetime!  There is no fucking way I am going to let a lump of electronics drive me.  It’s bad enough being ordered around by traffic lights.

    Rhodester – Sweet fuck!!  I might have known you would have been involved in that somewhere.  Is there anything you haven’t stuck your nose into in your weird and varied lifetime?

  7. Now this thing with a speedometer is just as common as it is mysterious to me. Every speedometer in every car is cheating at about 10%, which means that to actually reach Irish motorway speed limit of 120km/h you have to be going something around 135km/h. Plain stupid.

  8. Jedrzej – I have discovered that when my speedometer says I am doing 90, I’m actually doing around 84 so I am driving a good bit under the limit.  using Roger as my guide I keep to the limits despite my speedometer saying I am ghoing much faster.

    P.S. Stunning photograph you just put up!!  Take a look, People

    Rhodester – Any hints as to the next bit of insanity coming down the line?

  9. Actually mid-stream in the first book now, and hoping to publish soon. you’ll know when because I’m certainly going to promote the fuck out of it. We need to get yours going too, I have a lot of info should you like to Skype again soon.

  10. Ah!, the ring of Kerry, been there – No, no, I’ve really been there. Bollux, no matter how I say it, it sounds like I’ve Rogered Kerry.
    I haven’t.

  11. roger could be secretly jealous of your relationship with your other electronic, the laptop and when you least expect it dunk you both into the lake. nav gadgets can be cruel like that, be ever on guard

  12. Thanks GD! 

    The point is, the faster you go, the more speedometer lies. Accordingly, if you want to go 200 you have to bring it up to something like 220. To be chcecked legally only in Germany!

    Not Ring of Kerry, no. Somewhere in the middle of the area defined by Ring of Kerry.

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