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  1. I hope it is better than it looks ‘cos it looks a right shit hole. It bears a striking resemblance to the accomodations in Papillon. Why don’t you post some photies of Les Francoise you were gabbing about yesterday? Don’t know why I can’t get out of these italics. I am having a lovely time here at your Manor. You might have left it a bit cleaner though.

  2. ‘Fraid I have to agree with tt, GD. The Septic Tank there looks to be fucked. I hope they don’t send the inspectors.
    If they think they are going to inspect my tank, they can either fuck off or be added as bacterial agent. Or I might shut the thing down and send the council my ‘residue’ in the absence of a sewerage system. I don’t see why I should be penalised ‘cos I have a hole in the garden for my dung while all the fucking townies get to poo for free.

  3. i’m so jealous i hate you

    naww i kid i could never hate you! have a grand time looks lovely i’m off the 9th for my own relax vaca of a week 

  4. Ian – There was no need.  There were no boats or cars so I was quite safe from collision.

    TT – I didn’t have my camera with me.  I might bring it next time.  Or I might not.  And if the Manor is a bit scruffy it’s because our K8 is there too.  Or haven’t you met the mob yet?

    Slab – For fuck’s sake! It’s a lake, not a cesspit.  It even has fish. The little buggers make quite a splash when they hop around.  There are fishing rods around the side of the house but I haven’t tried catching anything.

    Cat – Thank you for bringing an element of calm civility amidst all this cynicism and negativity.

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