Wet news — 14 Comments

  1. It’s actually a lot nicer than it looks so I can’t complain.  Well. I can [and frequently do] but not today.

  2. I hope it is better than it looks ‘cos it looks a right shit hole. It bears a striking resemblance to the accomodations in Papillon. Why don’t you post some photies of Les Francoise you were gabbing about yesterday? Don’t know why I can’t get out of these italics. I am having a lovely time here at your Manor. You might have left it a bit cleaner though.

  3. ‘Fraid I have to agree with tt, GD. The Septic Tank there looks to be fucked. I hope they don’t send the inspectors.
    If they think they are going to inspect my tank, they can either fuck off or be added as bacterial agent. Or I might shut the thing down and send the council my ‘residue’ in the absence of a sewerage system. I don’t see why I should be penalised ‘cos I have a hole in the garden for my dung while all the fucking townies get to poo for free.

  4. i’m so jealous i hate you

    naww i kid i could never hate you! have a grand time looks lovely i’m off the 9th for my own relax vaca of a week 

  5. Ian – There was no need.  There were no boats or cars so I was quite safe from collision.

    TT – I didn’t have my camera with me.  I might bring it next time.  Or I might not.  And if the Manor is a bit scruffy it’s because our K8 is there too.  Or haven’t you met the mob yet?

    Slab – For fuck’s sake! It’s a lake, not a cesspit.  It even has fish. The little buggers make quite a splash when they hop around.  There are fishing rods around the side of the house but I haven’t tried catching anything.

    Cat – Thank you for bringing an element of calm civility amidst all this cynicism and negativity.

  6. Looks like you can use some Dupont lures,the kind were you pull the pin and lob it in the lake.

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