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  1. Have another bottle of wine or two, calm down, have some bonio’s. These Wimmin probably are’nt interested in you anyway. The ones that are, you probably would’nt look at. The ones that fit in between, don’t exist. Have a look, sitting there, at the age profiles. You probably will see fantastic wans up to their late twenties and auld ugly wans (albeit better preserved than in Ireland) from their fifties on.
    Where, though, are all the ones from the age gap between. It seems that they are all page three stunnas up to a certain age then they turn into their grandparents. Mind you after a few bottles of vino they all start to look fucking great. What do you think?

  2. Grandad forgot to add “and then I woke up”.
    After a couple of months at sea – there’s no such thing as an ugly woman, even the men start to look fuckable.

  3. I was just reading your post and I wanted to say..

    Grandad, I’m over here.. over HERE..

    ..okay, wanted to say that whereas I get your point, don’t you think.. uh..

    OVER HERE, Grandad. Yeah, she’s a nice one. But I was saying..

    ..okay, I just feel that when..

    FUCK, GRANDAD! Make some fucking eye contact here! I’m trying to..

    Dammit, never mind. 

  4. It was just as well I had an old jumper to throw across my legs.”

    If it was me I’d just be very glad I still had a need to do that.

  5. Slab – You have hit the nail on the head there.  It is very, very weird the way these gorgeous  beautiful Yang Wans reach a critical age [not sure what it is, 35?  40?] and overnight they become ancient haggard old crones.  And I’m sorry to say that no amount of vino can reverse the process.

    Cat – Eye nectar, more like.  I’m going to be supping a lot of coffee this holiday storing up the sweets for Winter.

    Patrick – Far too much information if you don’t mind.  Remind me never to join your crew….

    Rhodester – How many times have I told you? I am NOT your type.

    Kirk M – Believe me, those French lasses would breath life into any old dog.

  6. I expect you got a good slapping from herself after yesterdays sexist post. With even more sexist comments. (Keep it up!)

  7. Snookertony – Who the hell is Michelle carey?  Do I know her?  Should I make an attempt to know her?

    TT – Never!  Herself knows which side her bread is buttered on.  As for Benidorm – nope.  Sorry.

  8. Ah, come on, grandad, if I have to give you the answers it’s hardly worth giving you the clues. Google her, Michelle Carey, a good irishwoman. It’s just as well you had an old jumper to throw over your legs…
    (Just finished looking at your post on the hole in the ground under the willow and your last reply to tt. Does he ever go out? Between Benidorm on TV and The Guard at the flicks I think the man needs his own blog).

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