A word from the Wilderness — 8 Comments

  1. Cat – You have no idea how sloooooooow it is.  Bugger!


    TT – One can only drink so much wine and bask in so much sun?

  2. If you’re tired of the bread, cheese, wine diet – you could move on to cider. Depending on where you are they do some mean other stuff. Or am I getting mixed up with calvados. Either way, it’ll knock you out for the afternoon.

  3. Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about this place.  We’ll all sit here and wait for ya’.  We’ll all keep leaving comments until you return….from holiday

  4. enjoy your solitude, remember you don’t have to be everything to everyone, there is no “we” in “me”.

  5. Odd you should say you couldn’t access your email account.  I had the same problem last year in France.  Never sussed out why.  Eventually I opened a Yahoo mail account (at  and emailed everyone I fancied communicating with my temporary email address.  Only problem is now whenever I visit Yahoo everything is in French, which stumps me a bit.

  6. Sean – All my connections are working now and I can access virtually anything.  The only problem is the speed.  Takes a fucking age to load anything! You’re right too about the French.  Every site I go into seems to be in French..

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