Au revoir — 17 Comments

  1. Once again I say “Bon voyage mon vieux.”  I am seriously jealous. Keep that Bonnie Tyler song in your head.

  2. Have a safe journey and a good time.
    ‘Twould be nice to have the odd missive just to make us jealous.

  3. Au revoir .. Bon voyage .. and I hope for the sakes of the damned Froggies that you manage to find some half-way decent Pipe baccy somewhere … 😉

  4. Sorry, just to let you know – I couldnt read any of your last post – it all seemed to be in French?

  5. Have a good one GD. Lets know where we can get at all the best, cheapest wine, you know the good stuff the French keep for themselves. If you come across Sarkozy, tell him he’s a wanker, for me.

  6. Oh and I forgot to mention; don’t worry about the Manor. I plan on moving in during your absence. Free holiday cottage for me and my three droogs.

  7. I seriously doubt you can resist telling us about your adventures.  I think France is nearly as fucked up as Irerland, but what country isn’t?  In any case have a great vacation.

  8. Oldspook, Is ‘Irerland’ somewhere in Merica. ‘Cos I’ve never heard of the kip. It must be really bad there if its as fucked up as France.

  9. I just got a picture in my head of GD on the ferry with his e-pipe in his mouth pretending to be Popeye and saying in his thick Irish brogue “Oi yams wot Oi yams” etc.

  10. Thanks everyone.  I would answer individually but the Interweb here is like sucking treacle through a straw.  Anything over a few lines of a message and it goes into a complete meltdown. Meh!

    Be kind to The Manor in my absence TT, and don’t go harvesting any of my crop.

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