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  1. i just priced snow’s for my wee car, provincial regulations and all seasons really mean all seasons except winter
    i need to find 800 dollars to pull out of my butt…hope i have lube enough

  2. The problem with communism is that the rulers have too much power. The problem with the EU is that they have too much power.

  3. Speaking of rubber, have you ever seen the new e marks on the top of a condom? … No? ….I suppose you never rolled ’em out far enough! :-))

  4. Remoulds? I wouldn’t chance it. No way. I have heard too many cases of the tread separating. Unpleasant, I imagine, at 85 mph. I go with used tires. There are a few Mex places here that sell only used tires. Good for a year? $20. Could be a good business venture over there if you don’t have such places.

  5. I had that EU shite from the NCT a while back too GD. I had made sure the car was in top operating condition and was confident of its ‘pass’. Instead, I got the NCT Oilrag who told me in pidgeon with an East European accent ‘You haf no ‘E’ on de tyr, so fale’. ‘What?’ I said, ‘Whats an E?’. ‘E haf to b on tyr, it Eurrro rul’. ‘Jasus, I’ll get a marker and you can haf loads of the fuckers’, I said. ‘No, E haf to b stamp on der tyr lik udder tree’. My perfect tyre was probably made in the same fucking country as Oilrag. It had no Euro fucking ‘E’ stamp and was unacceptable, Bollox! I had to fork out €120 for a new one, bring the car back to another Oilrag, who gave the lot a cursory look, never checked the fucking ‘E’ and said ‘It pass’. I could have stuffed the bugger with the reject tyre. I had to get some ‘E’s to cool off.
    TYRE FOR SALE, slight wear, no ‘E’, cheap.

  6. Got me a va va voom, 12 year old, E300 merc estate, tyre size 215/55 R 16.
    For four new rubbers i’ve been quoted:
    Budget £270
    Perelli 600’s £545
    Dunlop £510
    Avon £480
    I’m drawn towards the AVONs because they’re V specified and apparently I can drive at 7 squillion mph (who gives a shit what that is in Kmph)
    Still at 26 miles to the gallon (diesel) it should piss tt right off.

  7. Hey Patrick,  I drive a Ford Explorer that only gets 20 miles to the gallon.  Not only is it a gas guzzler but it’s an SUV too!  That should raise tt’s blood pressure a bit.

  8. Cat – Fuck!  What the hell to you drive?  One of those earth-mover lorries?

    Ramrod – Never was a truer word said.

    Not Green – I wouldn’t know.  Never use ’em.  If a woman can’t look after herself etc etc etc.

    TT – I never had any problems whatsoever with remoulds.  And you can be fucking sure that the EU have written a whole book of laws against selling second hand tyres.

    Slab – Was that in the last few months?  I had mine checked in February [I think] and they mentioned that I didn’t have the mark, but that it wasn’t a failable offense yet.  I’m sure TT will buy your E-less tyre?

    Patrick – Now you’re just bragging.  I thought Avon did cosmetics? 

    Jayzus!  What’s this?  Have a Go at TT Day?  Heh!

  9. I get 17 mph (US gallons) about town, in the summer with the AC on, which equates to 21.25(to be pedantic) in Imperial gallons. So yiz can all fuck off.

  10. TT – Don’t ya mean 17mpg?  *cough*

    We seem to be all coming down with a dose of pendanticitis?

  11. Had my NCT day before yesterday. My 10 year old Saab passed, almost. He’d only give me the disk if I replaced three of the tyres. Ironically I had planned to do that next month.
    On the plus side I never actually liked the Firestones that were on it and the new ones have boosted my fuel usage. I was averaging 35.6mpg on the way to work. Now it’s up to 38.1.
    Still fecking miserable though. And now for my obligatory rant about the banks: I wanted to change for a diesel so I went about getting a mere €9000 from several banks. All told me to feck off that you have to be earning over €30k per year and have been with the same company for at least 3 years before even being considered.
    One of those banks was the one that gave me €16k to buy my current car almost 7 years ago. A loan that I paid off early too mind you.
    End Rant!

  12. GD, The NCT was about six months ago. The EU ‘E’ mark regulation must just have come into effect.
    TT can have the tyre at a good price. I’ll even throw in some E’s to go with it.

  13. Bankers is idiots init.
    They lend you money to buy car – make much wampum in interest charges, they loan money to car maker to make your car they again make mucho moolah in interest charges thereby greasin’ the cogs that make the world go round.
    No lendee money to you, no car makee, lay off car makee fella, bank go tits up cos no interest charges comin’ in. you got no car, no can go workee,  yiu get fecking mad and punch bankerman in the piehole.
    Banker is idiot init.

  14. PH, If you speak the way you write, do you do the slanty eyes too? The Goons would have been envious.

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