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  1. Yes – I’m still happy with the Lisbon Treaty,
    Yes – I trust the Germans more then I trust Irish Politicians/Bankers

    At the end of the day Granddad we would still be a poverty stricken priest ridden shithole if it wasn’t for the EU

    Ich bin ein Dubliner


  2. Brianf – Collective Economic Government = Direct Rule from Brussels.

    Dessiegee – I am surprised.  You would actually be happy with Ireland becoming an outlying sub-state of France or Germany?  You would be happy being governed by people who you have never elected and who have no accountability whatsoever?  This isn’t a “temporary fix” they are proposing.  It’s a permanent “solution”.

  3. Dubliner/Berliner. Almost an anagram. This Fourth Reich line is a bit hard to swallow coming from a democracy where you get to vote against it. There again the Krauts voted for the Third . Twice. One can only imagine. Nought can come of it. By the way did you complete the Forest/AA survey?

  4. Grandad – We won’t be an outlying sub-state of France or Germany, We would be an outlying state of Europe

    As I said earlier more good then bad has come from being a member of the EU

  5. TT – He should remember what a backward shithole this country was back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – If it wasn’t for the EU he’d be on a forced pilgrimage to to Lough Derg instead of going to France on his holidays. On the whole, the EU has done much much more good then bad.

  6. TT – That is the whole point.  Do we get to vote against it?  We voted against the Lisbon thing and were given a severe slap of the wrist and told to vote again until we got it right.  I predict that Brussels will do everything in its power to prevent a vote on the latest, but if a vote is necessary we will be inundated with lies and spin.  “It’s for our own good”  “Ireland will sink without trace if we don’t vote yes”.  All the usual shite.

    SCP – Welcome.  I bet Hitler is laughing in his!

    Dessiegee – If we had been out of the Eurozone the financial collapse would never have happened, or at least it would have been relatively mild.  The reason we are in the current mess is that interest rates were imposed on us that were not suitable for our economy.  Low rates suited the Big Boys at the time and Greece, Ireland et al took advantage of those low rates to go on a spending spree.  So I cannot agree that the EU has been an overall success.

    Ramrod – I cannot answer for family and friends, but I can say that I voted yes to enter Europe.  HOWEVER, that vote was for entry into the European Economic Community.  It was simply an economic thing to ease trading between countries.  All the political interference, the courts and laws came in without a vote.  So while I did vote to enter the EEC, I never voted for the EU.

    TT – You know me… as placid as a lamb on Valium.

  7. “Greece, Ireland et al took advantage of those low rates to go on a spending spree.”

    Who’s fault is that?

    I do think that we should burn the banks and bondholders – They took the risks in loaning to us so they should suffer the consequences – I hate this idea of socialised bank systems when things go wrong and so what if the entire banking system goes down the pan – The Chinese will come in and sort us all out in the end – so I wouldn’t worry too much about the 4th Reich , beware the yellow peril. 

    How’s your Mandarin by the way? 

  8. I voted NO in 1973 when I was a British citizen.
    I voted NO for the Lisbon Treaty after I became a French citizen.
    What more can I do legally ?

  9. One big problem GD. We voted for Fine Gael and Labour, clones of Fianna Fail. They will lead us like fucking sheep into the Fourth Reich. We will do nothing but moan and groan about it unlike other Nationalities who would kick ass rather than be ridden.

  10. Dessiegee – I agree it was our our governments fault, but they wouldn’t have had the opportunity or temptation if we had set our own interest rates.  And of course the gamblers should take their losses.  You have no idea how much it pisses me off to lose chunks out of a pension to pay to those fuckers.  I don’t worry about the Chinese – they are too busy taking over the US.

    A Grandad – Riot?  [and fuck the legality].

    Slab – I know that.  When I heard yer man Noonan and his grovelling fucking response last night I nearly threw up.  The bloke is already polishing his tongue for a major dose of arse licking.  Cunt.

  11. Its nearly 2012. How apt. Our economy is fucked and our Lords and new Masters would have us believe Europe is unsinkable, the Euro can be saved. Our debts can be absorbed by a unified monitary and fiscal Europe. Capt. fucking Smith (Schmitt) is at the helm once again.
    There’s more than a ship going down this time though.

  12. The gamblers (banksters) don’t take their losses. They make risky, high profit-potential loans: heads, they win big; tails, they get a big bailout from those in government whose election campaigns they financed. 

    When the EU came along, the game became bigger and more complicated. It became easier to hide fraud. It became harder to organize a revolt against that fraud.

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