Tackling Slumdog — 8 Comments

  1. Just think, you could’ve booked a loverly hollday in Killarney, Polish is much easier to understand. When I asked Janislwyyscd for a pint of Black Irish wine he said we only have red, white or Pink (rose – with a thing over the e)
    BTW (that’s computer speek for By The Way) the French are very familiar with the expression “fuck off” I, when in France, use it all the time.

  2. It’s a ploy – putting you on hold runs up telephone charges – bingo – another slumdog millionaire is created!!!!!!!!!

  3. Patrick –  What is it with you people wanting to make me stay in Ireland?  If I want grey skies and a cold wind I can find that here at home.  I crave a bit of warmth for the old rhumatics.

    TT – Sandy is happy with anything and everything I say or do.  The ideal relationship.

    Cardi – It was supposed to be a free-call or low-call number.   If it was anything else, I’ll sue ’em.  Bastards.  That’d teach ’em to pick decent muzak.

  4. We’re also off to France next Tuesday for three weeks. As a retired teacher I relish the ability to holiday whilst former colleagues (and the kids) return to the grind. We’ll take our caravan and become travellers for a while. Roll on affordable wine …. and hopefully some of the warm sunshine we should be experiencing this time of year.  Enjoy your break GD.

  5. Cardi – Hah!  So we overlap by a week?  If I see a caravan on the wrong side of the road, I’ll give you a wave [if I don’t smack into you first].  Leave some of that affordable wine.  Some of us might like to partake of a wee dram  too.

  6. GD, you lucky lucky bastard. It beats the fuck out of a bloody sweaty Caravan in fucking Trafuckingmore in the pissing rain.
    The only consolation is the escape from it all through the abuse of alcahol, magic mushrooms, yokes, funny cigarettes etc.

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