Cut off their goolies — 18 Comments

  1. You want to send proven criminals to a camp that trains them to the peak of physical conditioning ? …..that doesn’t seem a good idea 

  2. Dark – Welcome.  Nah – all that criminality can be beaten out of them.  Or if it isn’t, they could revert to the goolies solution?

    Brianf – Goolies, nuts, gonads, bollix, family jewels.  Take your pick.  Leastwise ghouls don’t have ’em.

  3. They used to have National Service in the U.K. back in the 50’s. 18 years old =2 years in the army. Might be worth ressurecting?resurrecting?
    By the way K8 told me that her mum was OK but that you were a shite dad. Always at the pub she said.

  4. cannot agree with you more! if we got into anything as a kid, and a neighbour mum caught us, she’d smack our rear, harp us out, drag us to our own mum who would then dish out more of why we sholdn’t do what we did EVER AGAIN and worst, the worst part….wait till your father gets home. o m g, kept me straight and narrow to avoid that, never wanted to disappoint my Dad, he had that look to him that would make you want the earth to swallow you up. as an adult he was wonderful, love him very much and miss him now he’s gone.

  5. Yes please Grandad, pretty please? I would love you to come over and take over from the prat that’s currently pretending to run the show here.  Even better, while you’re on holiday in France, why don’t you pop over to Brussels and tell Barroso you will oppose him at the next election for the EU commission.  Oh wait sorry, they aren’t elected are they?  Doesn’t stop them from issuing directives though does it?  I’m sure you could tell him where to put his directives, and nodoubt he would be very grateful indeed. 

  6. Now, let me get this right, young men full of testosterone brought to the peak of fitness, taught to obey, without question, the orders of their “superiors”, drilled in the art of stripping, cleaning, loading and discharging a fucking firearm and than after 2 years put back on the streets.
    I just don’t want to be around when boredom sets in and they start to grunt at each other realising that they have not yet been able to put these new found skills to proper use.
    Oh! hang on, isn’t that today’s police force.
    In today’s paper an 82 year old male pensioner fought off a mugger with a wet lettuce (I ked you not) – wet lettuce v fucking firearm = no brainer,
    And, anyway what about the splits? equality, surely, means that women should be treated the same.
    What about uphill shit shovellers?
    A drill sergeant asks a young gay recuit “could you kill a man”? the YGR replies “eventually sergeant, eventually”

  7. I agree, Grandad.  However, it is also a sense of entitlements that feeds their fury.  They are brought up now days to believe that the government should keep them up.  It’s an epidemic in the states as well.  In the era that I came from, if you stole something you would henceforth have an arm broken.  There is no hard punishment for hard crimes anymore.  If you break a law, there has to be some sort of recourse. 

  8. GD, Why bring all your experience across the water when it is so badly needed here. You could easily give Kenny a run for the money. You might even make a better job of it.

  9. TT – Jayzus!! National Service involves guns.  I wouldn’t trust the little bastards with those [though they are probably more familiar wit guns than the army?]  As for K8 – Don’t trust a word she says.  Her Ma was always down the pub as well.

    Cat – I used to live in terror of the hairbrush.  I never had the threat of the Da coming home – the Ma was bad enough.

    Sean – If some bombs go off in Brussels next month, it was nothing to do with me?  OK?  I don’t know anything about it.

    Patrick – As I said to TT, I wouldn’t let the little shits anywhere near a gun.  However training them in the use of wet lettuces sounds like a much better idea?  That idea has everything.  It’s “green” and even the Gays could join in?

    JD – Yup.  I should have mentioned the fact that this is the age of Instant Gratification.  I wonder how many Xboxes and plasma TVs are bought with money that has been carefully saved?  The very thought makes me laugh.

    Slab – I could take on both?  Join the two countries as the Irish Commonwealth?  We could get rid of the border that way so even Sinn Fein would be happy.  The queer queen would have to go though.  Hate corgis.  Yappy little fuckers.

  10. Part of the problem in UK as in Ireland the bigger amount you steal the least you are held to account. Politicians are baying for blood to deal with the rioters and we are all falling for the spin. The result is steal a £15 game from Argos you get 2 years in jail but a councilor who stole £12k making a false benefits claim gets 12 days suspended sentence.

  11. Got it in 1 Captain – Why should anyone respect the law when you see what’s going on at the top

  12. dessiegee – like the billions and billions of Euros stolen by the European masters and their cronies? -eh!.

  13. Which law, is the question. It seems there are two laws. One for The ‘Master Class’, who can get away with anything short of murder, and one for the rest of us dopes, who support through our labours and taxes the above to our detriment.

  14. I submitted a long and brilliant comment but it was scratched by some “cookie ” thing. Too late now to do the whole thing over.

  15. Sorry about that Paulo1.  Dunno what caused that.  Can you be more specific about what it said?

  16. No can do because the notice itself also disappeared. It mentioned ‘cookies’ but more than that I cannot say.

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