The bunker mentality — 10 Comments

  1. The mindless hordes of mutant zombies have already appeared, its called the government.
    All bill hooks require proper licensing, safety inspections, and must be registered with local, state, and federal authorities. Actually that last one might be feral authorities according to my spell checker. 

  2. mmm baked beans…but not if i’m locked up with hisself’s stinky foot problem, i can take one or the other not both at the same time and the three cats are on their own cold hearted hag that i am.
    already have the steel door (apt bldg has them) peep hole for windows i’ll just keep the blinds down, so, good to go!

  3. Jim C – With a bit of luck, the politicians will be the first to fall.  Seeing as they more than likely will have caused The Disaster, then I think that’s fair.  They aren’t getting any shelter from me anyway.

    Cat – Apparently you also need a pair of binoculars.  I haven’t a clue what for, but they are an essential part of the kit.  I hope you are suitably equipped?

    Cardi – Bless ’em!  I hope the sky falls on their fucking heads.

  4. I’ve decided to dig me a moat around the house. The valley I live in is so wet that I won’t have to worry about filling the thing at all. Dig down a foot and you’ve got water so a 10 foot deep moat shouldn’t have a problem. I’m building a rutabaga launcher as well since any post-apocalypse zombie getting whopped upside the head with a rutabaga traveling at 500 feet a second or so should take the wind out of them.

    Steel door and metal plating for the house are on order and I’m pumping all my air in from Canada. And I agree with “cat”–all cats will be tossed outside and good luck to them.

  5. Kirk M – Be careful with that moat.  You don’t want to dig a ten foot deep trench and find that it has filled with eleven foot deep flood?  Icidentally, the same goes for cats as dogs.  You could be throwing a potential dinner outside?

    Ian – A strange site.  “Sensible gun choices after September 11th“??  Suppose I want to buy in August?

  6. I like the idea of the catapult. I’d heard of rutabaga but wasn’t sure what it was….Oh it’s a SWEDE!  Don’t have any of those but my beetroot are getting past their best – will they do?  Added advantage would be the recipient would also be splattered red!  (by the way one of the sites gave a recipe for ‘rutabaga custard’ ???????
    Moat’s a ‘no-go’ we’re on a hill with no water until you go down about 60ft so I’ll just encourage the brambles and thistles.

  7. I wondered about the ‘sensible gun choices’ article.  I thought the right to have a gun was to stop the king of England invading (though the supporters of Lyndon Larouche say the British royal family are already in control, guns or no guns).

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