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  1. if i’m off food at all rush me to the doctor and if i’m off beer or wine refusing when offered, call 911 immediately i need hospital emergency

  2. I guess you are still sick you mard/nesh shite. Bit of a cold and you are still whinging & whining. I can help. A large Tyrconnell, Black bush will do. Two aspirins, lemon juice, drop of hot water. Early bed. Sweat it out overnight. Doc tt.

  3. Cat – A simpler but just as effective method?

    Ian – A pint of plain or a neck of the hard stuff.  Can’t beat either.

    TT – Actually I’m not, but I suppose you have to have your snarky comment?  What’s mard/nesh?

    And stop talking to a web site.  You’re not taking your pills again, are you?

  4. When health is bad and your heart feels strange,
    And your face is pale and wan,
    When doctors say you need a change,
    A pint of plain is your only man.

  5. Grandad, all times are Dublin Daylight Time (Chicago time + 6).

    1.I received “Just the thought of It” with 9 comments from 8-12-11 at 6:25pm to 8-13-11 at 9:03am.

    2. I received this on 8-13-11 at1:16pm.

    3. I received it from

  6. Ian – As de Brudder says?

    Ramrod – I dunno what the answer is.  You are on the mailing list [along with 135 others ?! ] and are marked as active, so unless all 136 are getting late mails, I just do not know.

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