The Lost Weekend — 32 Comments

  1. Never mind that you can’t think of anything to write about. Sure aren’t we just glad your back to normal (????!!!!) and feeling better.
    Have a skinful tonight  – you’ll feel grand tomorrow.

  2. I wonder what the cause of your sudden malaise was. Did the missus have a slight smile on her face as she handed you a cup of tea, perchance?

  3. glad you are feeling better now get your butt down to the pub and catch up on EVERYTHING…take all night if you must as you say its a tough job but somone has to do it. just don’t try to say you’re sick tomorrow we’ll all just snicker and point at your self inflicted news gathering illness

  4. I had that problem once. I gave out like fuck about the food I’d eaten the previous day. It must have been bad, poisoned me, really fucked my stomach up. It must have been Salmonella or something really evil like that. I spent the day on the bog (I won’t give too much info on that, It’d put you off your grub). My head was splitting, I felt hot then cold, sweaty, just bloody aweful.
    Mind you the 15 pints had absolutely nothing to do with the problem.
    Gawan GD have a few more…….

  5. Why do I get the feeling that one or two of you actually have the temerity to suggest that my little dose of bug was self inflicted?  I will have you know that I am an expert in the art of hangovers and I can state quite categorically that I have never in all my long years suffered from a hangover that felt anything like the last two days.

  6. Feckin’ woose, it’s lady flu, cure – lots of ironin’, vacuumin’, washin’ up, breaast feedin’ and dustin’.

  7. Slab,

    If you’re going to eat salmonella, make sure you do it right. Never buy the cheap cuts on the fishmongers stall, make sure you cook it thoroughly, and always wash it down with a harsh whiskey or poteen that will skin the guts nicely afterwards.

  8. You should “catch up with the rest of the world”. London is burning. Your ruling class is promising to make the streets safe for the law-abiding. The law-abiders provide the backbone support for THE SYSTEM. THE SYSTEM is the hierarchy that you are at the bottom of.

  9. Ramrod, It may have escaped your notice, but if you look you’ll see most of the comments above are from Ireland, one from the UK and a few from your continent. Here we are civilised, we don’t riot for fuck all. It only kicks off if we are invaded or our National Soccer team is beaten. The shit is going on in The UK, a different Country.

  10. Slab, it must have escaped your notice that the UK still has an occupation base in your country called Nothern Ireland. My Irish-American history book gives an accounting of this “different Country” brutally forcing a mass-emigration to America. Burrying your head in the sand is your tactic for avoiding important scrutiny.

  11. Are you children OK in here on your own?  No fighting now or I’ll be forced to use the naughty step.

  12. I had the “naughty step” upon my gripe-site, GLENWOOD GOSSIP .COM. U.S. Judge Joan Gottschall had her fill of my freedom of speech.

  13. It is the First Amendment from two hundred years ago in response to our overlords in London. There was good reson to establish a Constitutional Right to criticize your government and make it first on the list of government restrictions.

    Americans no longer have the right to criticize their government because the Amrican citizens are no longer vigilant. They only care about working, shopping, and watching the big TV.

  14. Two hundred years ago? Give me a fucking break. Get over it. Our land of the free has done much worse since. And still is. Genocide of the native population. Two million Vietnamese killed. Shall I continue? And how’s that for being allowed to criticize our government?

  15. #tt, it sounds like you have your own tactic for burrying your head in the sand when U.S. Judge Joan Gottschall stops a website critical of the ruling class. If you are on the judges side, be candid.

    By the way, I droped napalm on many Vietnamese and I am proud to have sent those godless commies to hell.

  16. Well Ramrod you just said it all in your last sentence.  You are one sad, sick mother fucker who probably never got closer to ‘Nam than the Dim Sum Chop House down your street. No offence.

  17. I flew F-4s out of Korat Royal Thai AFB with the 34th TFS. Forward me an email address and I will send you some pictures of myself.

    The U.S.A. has been in many wars. You neglected to expose your military situation. I suspect that while the men were off fighting, you stayed home with the women and queers.

    Vietnam vets are familiar with adimosity for us and our war. That was the strategy of choice for the cowards who evaded fighting.

  18. The cowards were the guys relatively safe in their planes dropping napalm on “women and queers” and children and babies and old folks. You are the “godless.” As for my service you have no idea as I don’t brag about it.

  19. I am sure the German people supported their S.S. in WW2 as they were executing our POWs. I am sure the Japanese people supported their troops as they were torturing their way through WW2. To blindly support “our” troops makes no sense.

  20. tt, learn to write more blatently. My best understanding of your beliefs is that:

    1.You hate the S.S. from WW2

    2.You hate the Japanese troops from WW2

    3.You hate Air Force pilots like myself from the Vietnam War.

    I guess that you don’t want me to send you an autographed picture of me next to my bomb-laden plane.

  21. tt, I was flying out of Korat in 1972 when the Easter invasion by the NVA took place. We had a Tequila party at the Officers Club when Nixon gave his order to cause maximum destruction because negotiations had broken down. 

  22. tt, the American message from Vietnam was that those brave enough to fight were “led astray”. We were not smart enough to evade the draft. For the first time in U.S. history, the cowardly were placed on a pedastal above fighting men. The cowards led American government, schools, and corporations into the degeneration that we live in today.

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