Quarantine — 11 Comments

  1. I thought Linux did’nt get sick!  If you were using Windows you could try system restore, otherwise hair of the dog? Then there’s always the auld cure wire brush and Dettol.

  2. We could be witnessing the birth of a new phenom fenomimin phenonimem thing – the very first Linux virus?  And to think it started on my little laptop.  I’m so proud.

  3. I thought that dogs coming from France got quarantined, that was before they dug the asylum chunnel and ensured that rabies was kept where it did most good – against the French.
    Does one of your symptoms feel like a frog in the throat?

  4. The Harries guy- seems right, you know – been to Sangatte, etc and even this side of the Sassenach Channel – they illegals are everywhere man – the point being that you’d have had to have your four legged friend chipped an innoculated before he/ her was let back into the country!!!!
    Still their Franco vino plonko knocks the spots off ours – especially at Irish prices, though the UK is fast ascending the graphical ladder to the point that I should, before long be financially tee-total. The point being that it doesn’t matter what wine you drink, it’s how often it leaves you feeling like shite…… wish I could afford to drink more of it

  5. Too late. I had this crap before you did anyway so any infection you send my way will no doubt be annihilated by the one I already have–or maybe not. Either way it doesn’t matter as I’m still sick.

  6. Sounds like the morning after mountain dew rather than any infection.  There’s no quality control on the stuff – no appellation controlee for white lightning, red biddy or holy water; bad poitin can poison you!

  7. C’mon there must be a Gay Byrne joke in here someplace!!  Gaybo has his birthday on Friday, Mrs. Grandad has hers on Saturday and Grandad is ‘under the weather’ on Sunday!! Coincidence?? hmmm

  8. 🙂 Making me smile, as ever Grandad. The wire brush bit reminded me of a little escapade I had with my sister where we got covered in green paint. My father got it off with a Brillo Pad. Pretty sure a Brillo would work here too, don’t you think?

  9. You need to take a strong emetic to clear the innersystem. Listen to a few wholesome songs by Dana.

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