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  1. You will like the part about the genetically engineered sheep. A mixture of human and sheep genes. You climate change conspiracy guys will do doubt relate to it.

  2. I wasn’t going to read this post but for some reason or other, which I can’t quite put my finger on, felt compelled.
    I now wish I hadn’t, because not being Welsh, I think lambs are for eating not mating. (see, the m and e are interchangeable) – now that’s what I call compelling.

  3. TT – I raise my cap to you! From what I have read so far, the genetic factor seems to be irrelevant.  The damned animal seems to spend most of its life cowering under the couch.

    Patrick – All my scribbles are compelling.  As for lambs – I managed to traumatise my daughter at a very early age.  She saw some lambs in a field and was squealing in delight as they frolicked around.  Now, all I said was ‘Hmmmm.  Mint sauce’ and she hasn’t forgiven me since.

  4. I guess you know the old Billy Connoly joke. If you are going to a shag a sheep take it to the edge of a cliff. Why? ‘Cos it pushes back better,

  5. … and wear a pair of wellingtons. Great for slipping the hind legs into.

    reminds me of a NZ joke, 
    Even ugly New Zealand men have blond girlfriends,

    …..they all say baaaaaaa      

  6. There is an old saying hereabouts.  “The Mountains – where men are men and sheep are scared”  Of course I wouldn’t know anything about any of that.

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