Selective deafness — 8 Comments

  1. its called selective hearing, it also afflicts spouses, i’d ask mine but he can’t here me not that i’d listen 😉

  2. At least you don’t have to carry a fecking box of Bonio with you at all times?

  3. When I ask the missus if she wants a bonio she get s the wrong impression and becomes all coy and girly.
    Smartie (chocolate Labrador), on the other hand, suffers no such

  4. Your dear dog hears what it wants to hear and what it needs to hear; therefore it hears the rattle of a packet of Bonio’s. It eliminates from its auditory consciousness distressful and inconvenient sounds; so when you step accidentally on a cowpat and scream unparliamentary invective Sandy appears not to notice. She has taste.

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