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  1. I saw this on the front page of the IT when I logged on this morning and thought to myself “this will be GD’s blog for today” !!
    But anyway, even though I gave up the fags two years ago I’m still against invasion of privacy measures such as this.
    And I see Wales are only considering it when there are children in the car. Maybe make some sense if, for instance, there is a baby in the car, But the there would be all sorts of complications like age restrictions as well. Leave well alone and trust in the parents to make their own decisions.
    Oh wait, that probably assumes some level of intelligence among parents !!
    Some chance.

  2. Mossy – All they have to do is to insist that car windows are open.  Oh wait!  ASH claim that opening car windows increases the levels of smoke!

  3. Well now the idea has been floated it’s only 6-8 months until it’s in effect. From now until then there’ll be mumbling and grumbling about how this is one step two far etc etc Blah blah Blah. But as sure as there’s shit in a duck, the minute the law is on the book, the irish will fall in line. Then it’s peelers on their beat pulling over every car and MF65 that looks like there maybe a smoker onboard. If there’s not, they’ll still find a way to ticket you. Sheep Sheep Sheep. Aand everyone knows it and proud of it. When they killed the pubs I stopped going back, Thank fuck I got out when i did

  4. Bollox, I wrote a nice comment and got this shite on submit,

    Hmmm, your comment seems a bit spammy. We’re not real big on spam around here.

    Please go back and try again.

    Could’nt be bothered again, fukkit!!!

  5. TT – Harsh, but at the moment I’m not going to argue.


    Welcome, RonkonkomaCavan!  Indeed, today’s announcement is merely the beginning of the softening up process.  I don’t think there is any doubt that some form of legislation will come in.

    Patrick – Ban #245.. the outlawing of free speech websites.

    Martin – What are house prices like over there?

    Slab – Who says computers aren’t intelligent?

  6. Don’t see anything harsh about calling Ash a good band ? Anyways, speaking of smoking, I’m off for a couple of days in the Smokies. (Sylva, N.C to be precise.) Y’all behave while I’m gone GD. You too Slab.

  7. While I agree that total ban is indeed overboard on the same basis as outlined above, seeing parents smoking with their toddlers in the car is sick. Maybe this will carry the message home to some of the parents. However seeing how mobile phone ban is (not) working, I won’t be very optimistic.

  8. it’s a smoke screen to distract the sheep from discussing more important stuff

    Total Bullshit – they’ll have it so we can only smoke in secure smoking rooms in private houses before long  

  9. Buddhists may go to temples as often as they like and smoke incense in homage to a golden statue of the Buddah. Serenity here we come.

  10. Stas – Welcome!  All they need to do is to have a simple campaign – if you have to smoke in the car then open a window.  The venturi effect zaps the smoke instantly.  Personally, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke [though I never complain!] and if Herself lights up, I open her window by an inch.  Bingo!  No smoke.

    Dessiegee – Plans are underway to designate Great Blasket Island as the only legal smoking zone in Ireland.

    Ger – If everyone started whiffing incense, they’d just ban that too.

  11. One month from now. “This is the RTE news @ 6 o’clock” ( the old blond broad  with the tan)

    Following the recent proposal by the Minister For Health Dr O’Reilly, a new survey among smokers finds a small majority, 54%, favor a ban on smoking while in a vehicle……”

    Two months form now, same news broadcaster,

    “As the discussion about banning smoking in cars continue, acceptance among smokers seems to be rising, 74% of smokers would like to see a ban implemented. This number rises to 82% of smokers in the greater Dublin area. ( cue to video of 2 people who agree with this, al least one or possible both will say that it will ‘help them quit’ )

    Four months form now

    “In the Dail today, a motion was introduced by the Minister for Health, to outlaw smoking in all vehicles. Those caught flouting the law would be liable to a 1st fine of 200 euro, rising to 500 for each additional infraction as well as points on their license. Ireland is the first country to introduce such a ban and it is expected to reduce the amount of people who  die from smoking related illnesses dramatically. A vast majority of the people, 97.5%,  are in favour of the legislation”

    You can take this  scenario to the bookies and he wouldn’t give you odds of 1/5, they don’t like to payout on sure things.  

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