EU flexing its muscles — 10 Comments

  1. no other name for them really is there pulling that silly stunt (and it rhymes too)
    here they tried to levy a cat collar tag tax, like the dog collar tag tax and were going to try to include indoor cats that cannot go outside, it was to cover all the damage the ood feline does poo’ing in the garden. didn’t happen there was pretty close to a revolt. be damned if i was going to pay it!!

  2. Cat – They tried to tax cats?  Haven’t heard that one before.  As for cat poo – have they never heard of fertilizer?

  3. Mr. Hogan said the household charge was “for local services in the community”? But I pay a refuse disposal company for taking my rubbish and recyclables away, and I pay the ESB for a bi-monthly standing charge, and I pay motor taxation when I put a vehicle on the road, and I pay An Post for stamps to deliver my mail. So what other ‘local services’ is the Minister alluding to that I don’t seem to be paying at present? 

    You got words right Grandad when you described it as a Being Tax. Yup, they’re going to tax us for existing. Using philosophical jargon from the 1960s, I therefore call it an Existentialist Tax. Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Paul Tillich, Hannah Arendt, Soeren Kirkegaard, Karl Jaspers, Gabriel Marcel and other existentialist thinkers never envisaged this kind of multi-state extortion. Philosophers of Ireland and philosophers of Europe, put yer thinking caps on and unite intellectually against the existentialist tax being brought in as part of a EU-IMF deal.

  4. When I was growing up or sideways or something, on Seapoint Avenue (Blackrock) there was a fairly posh house that had the windows facing the street bricked up. I asked my mother what that was about and she told me that it was the owners response to an attempt by the British government to levy a tax on the amount of light the residents were receiving through each window. If it’s a true story, then I hope the current bunch don’t read this comment or they’ll be counting windows before the weeks out.

  5. Stas – Welcome!  That is the standard practice.  People will say the tax is only 100 a year so they won’t complain.  Then of course it goes up by 100% year after year and by then it’s too late.

    Paulo1 – That is a true story.  Many of the big old houses around the country have bricked up windows which were plastered over so they look just like recesses in a blank wall. 

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