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  1. I agree with you GD but let’s be honest, the Millie Dowler thing was pretty despicable even by the low standards of the gutter press in the UK.
    The Murdoch’s – father and son plus the red headed witch should be lined up a shot. She needs a haircut first though.

  2. The CIA – All of ’em.  And could you do it discreetly this time?

    Mossy – I agree that what they did was despicable and the guilty parties should be punished but all this shite about government enquiries???

  3. Cat – Bloody hell!  In Canada too?  This is not worldwide headlines material.  It’s a crazy world….  *sigh*

  4. With all due respect, Cat – our lot knock your lot into the ha’penny place.  Our lot go in for suck niceties as using the government jet for private business, and claiming mileage from a holiday home [over a long period] in the West of Ireland.

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