The Diary of Grandad Pepys — 8 Comments

  1. that or they’d make a great freakin’ fire for a fall night out roasting marshmallows

  2. Hang ’em in the dunny, visitors may find them interesting, you know, sort of read and wipe.

  3. Cat – Sounds nice but I would hate to see that incredible record of [part of] a life go up in flames…

    Patrick – That spot is already taken by my other book.

    TT – I’ll stick with the posthumous idea.  I never really understood the laws of libel.

  4. Just use a pseudonym.
    Hold on… Nah, the Hitler Diaries has already been done.
    What about… JFK’s Secret Thoughts? Or maybe… The Unexpugated Private Thoughts of Rupert Murdoch. That might make a few bob.

  5. BWT – Please don’t mention Murdoch.  I am sick and tired of that name.  How about “The Secret Life of the Pope”?  Heh!

  6. I think it’s weird that between a diary and a blog, both intended to someday be read by somebody else, your styles are entirely different. For your diary, every day is the same, but your blog is packed daily with various spurious opinions about life. It’s like reading about two different people.

    Not that I ever read your diary of course!!!  

  7. K8 – Has it ever occurred to you that you were reading the wrong diaries?  And I’m not daft enough to write the code to the safe in my diaries, so you wasted your time.  Heh!

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