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  1. As you know, I normally agree with you and this post is no exception.
    Well said GD – and well said Dame Enda.
    Now, where is the payback ?
    P.S. Would you ever give the site an aul drop of 3-in-1 or a splash of WD40 – ’tis gone fierce slow again.

  2. Be patient now.
    Right soon we will the sound of the slap from the Vicar of Christ. Dame Enda will be told to wind his neck in.
    Forthright politicians are not the order of the day. Supine spineless sychophantics is what we breed, what we elect, and what we condone.
    Popey will not be happy.

  3. Damn this drinking!
    “Right soon we will HEAR the sound…” my sentence should have read.

  4. Mossy – For the first couple of words there, I thought we were going to have a fight!  As for the site’s speed – I think it may have been damaged by some religious scruples.

    Ranty – I think Dame Enda has gone too far for any patching up, and what’s more he isn’t alone.  There wasn’t one dissenting voice after the speech.  As for Popey – can’t wait to hear the response!  Heh!

  5. I think we might be waiting for hell to freeze over before we hear any response from that cunt in Rome. Normal behavior is to put head in sand and say nought.
    I hope the site has not slowed down for any religious reasons ! Maybe try a sprinkling of garlic – that might scare the fuckers off.
    Oh, and isn’t “Popey” some guy who talks about rugby on RTE !!!

  6. It’s time to recall our Ambassador from Vatican and send the Papel Nuncio home with a kick up his pious hole and turn his residence into a publicly funded abortion clinic

    Make it all official – why we still maintain relations with the Vatican beggars belief – Cut the ties, Tax the cunts properly and Nationalise the schools to compensate the Victims of abuse properly



  7. Could’nt agree more GD. I don’t understand why we’re so bloody soft on those fuckers. Imagine what would happen if all this shite was going on in The Muslim World.

  8. Mossy – How the fuck would I know anything about sports presenters on RTE?  The only one I know is that arch-bollox who did the Sky advertisements.  Hook?

    Dessegee – I could never understand why we have an ambassador for a business anyway.  We don’t have a Tesco Embassy or a Microsoft Ambassador so why one for the Vatican? n I love the idea of an abortion clinic in the Nuncio’s place!

    Slab – If Muslims too control of the Vatican, I would imagine there would be one hell of a lot of castrated priests wandering around?

    TT – Dame Enda Average

  9. GD, It would be pointless castrating the bastards. They don’t have any balls. Cut their dicks off. They’d be really pissed off.

  10. Slab – Nice one from Rev Steve.  I’d say at this stage the Vatican are sorry they ever heard of Ireland.

    Cat – Terribly offensive?  So what?  Isn’t buggering alter boys terribly offensive?


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