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  1. Peruse.
    There is a word that doesn’t know what it means.
    It means, “to read thoroughly” but we use to mean “to skim an article or book”
    Now that’s one confused word.

  2. I always thought it meant bad or wrong so I looked it up…’re right it’s a very confused word.
    It used to mean outstandingly good and now it means outstandingly bad – now HOW did that happen? 
    …..of course “wicked” can be taken both ways depending on your age. 

  3. Meltemian – Don’t start me off on the brain-dead modern generation.  Since when did ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ come to mean the same thing?

    Welcome John56477!  Indeed it does.  I didn’t even realise that poppies had them.

  4. “ri ra agus ruaille buaille” – “uproar and commotion”
     Gay – now there’s a word that’s been transgendered / transformed

  5. I refuse to use the word “gay” since it was hijacked.  Another is that horrendous word “guys” as a reference to a group.  A “guy” used to be male but now it means anyone.  I only use the word now when talking about tents.

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